Thursday, August 26, 2004

August 26th Pt. 2

The Rabid Squirrell Times

Well, I've discovered that I don't need to update my home domain name just yet. I got a reprieve until the 31st which is pleasant. It looks like I might be in luck. I might be able to stretch my money on a little longer timeline. I've met some interesting people in the tribes, although the world does seem a bit depressed in my eyes. Its going to take a long time for the psychological effects of 2001 to wear off and that is to be expected, I just wish people could live and "get over it."

I learned a lesson yesterday about gambling. If you don't want to, stay away from cards. A good policy by any measure.

I returned a couple video tapes to Block Buster video and have had some success watching part of one of them. These things don't hold my attention like the internet.

The world can be bright when you want it to be. I got a kick out of watching Doogie Howser on 20,000 pyramid this morning. His team kicked ass and took names. Unfortunately neither team walked away with 10k.

I'm trying to think ahead a few days. On friday I plan to go to the Jazz Festival with some friends and on Saturday I plan to spend some time in Buffalo. Today I am thinking of having a cookout with a friend.

I should start looking for work immediately. I have just been procrastinating a bit. So I think that's what I will do now.



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