Friday, September 03, 2004

6am - The Cosbys

The Rabid Squirrell Times - This morning I stopped by to buy cigarettes and gasoline and talked to the attendant briefly. He seemed interested that I was interested in buying the morning news. Not that there's much in it. Some Wing festival is going on at Dunn Tire park this afternoon and all day Saturday. I might get up that way if I have the time and inclination. Last night was good with my friends and I think I am beginning to earn their interest. That is at least one good check.
I am not sure exactly what I'll be doing today, probably some mild trucking around town, thinking about whatever and whatever. We'll see I don't exactly expect to spend my day doing other people's buisiness. That kind of makes me sick to my stomach and I'm tired of feeling sick. The cosby show is ticking off in the background while I type and I am enjoying it, every minute, even though I am very wiped out.


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