Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday October 25th Noisecontrol Publishing - Good Morning friends and neighbors. Today we enter on a new day, a day where the things that trouble us most are set in the past and the future looks forward and we have peace at last. And believe it or not, the power of God saw me through the tribulations. I read him quietly in the bathtub while whatever happened last night happened. I opened the pages of Genesis and Daniel and just spent time with my eyes glued to the rice paper pages.
Fortunately this kept me out of trouble and the morning was clean and bright for me, even though I fell under judging eyes. The time will come when things will get better. I am certain of it now, while the three survived the test of Fire in Daniel I am certain that I too will survive the tests that present themselves to me in the coming days.
You might ask, since when did I become such a God freak? Well it seems that I have to rely on God when the times come to pass and the elements of struggle come into my life, except, that in this instance, I plan to for as long as possible, study the word of God.

-Christopher J. Bradley
Oct 25th 2004


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