Saturday, January 15, 2005

Freedom 1/14/05 - Noisecontrol Publishing

Socializing at the local casino while drinking free bottled water and considering my options on a 30 dollar weekly budget, I encounter Lance Diamond who at first I think is a Magician and I ask him if he's ever been to 4 jokers magic shop. He says no, but then he says he has a friend who might have been. Then, I tell him my sister is a clown and gets all her paint there, lying through my teeth. I ask him if he has plans for vegas and he says of course. But then, he's been in the business for years and his tux is well pressed. I offer him a copy of my CD at some point on line in the future, and he considers, and wanders off into the Roulette lane somewhere. I reflect on my minglings with the Department of Justice document on better telecommunications for everyone. I consider my options here in the falls, and find, that I may just have a career in this stuff, after all, my father does know quite a bit about coin op vending machines, having fixed a few Pac Man and Tempest games in the past at the now non-existant Time Out in the now non-existant Rainbow Center Shopping mall that looms heavy over the Native American Turtle.
Then its over to the Jones house for coffee and chicken marsallas, and a look at the women who all flash him in his apartment. He's got an inside track on Direct TV and Cinemax soft core to boot. I had that years ago, and I reflex on the sedate evenings on the couch with my girlfriend watching the trash. Anyway, Dr. Jones and I head to Buffalo to see an ex-car salesman turned carpenter, and he goes over some of the finer points of sylogistic linguistics and how to fix my left speaker out portable Memorex CD player, something about jerry rigging it with a matchtick. Carpentry is the profession of a true artist, and in biblical times held quite a bit of significance, so I envy his force of personality, to leave a hard edged career and pursue something so ethereal. I invite him to visit me in the new apartment. $900.00 for rent isn't bad, and the air is clean, they keep the smoking lounge out front and its easy to get just about anywhere. Even Tom's Diner. The perfume on the hookers there never ceases to amaze me. We talk about the smoking ban's gradual reversal under Republican Marshall Law and I have a brief virtual conversation with the President who connects me to believe it or not the Pope. I am amazed to see that Kodachrome is doing well on the charts again, at least the adult contemporaries, and I haven't seen Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in 11 years, which makes my Prozac a happy candidate for evaluation later this month. My psychiatrist has been feeling okay lately. He got a new truck in an auction on E-Bay and he says that his kids are treating him good. But then I probably shouldn't be telling you that, its confidential and all. I pulled out the rubber stamp for him in my FOCUS group and let him talk to anyone he wants. They'll never cut that connection to that I made in the Mission one sunny afternoon in November. In fact, believe it or not, they even have an RSS feed. I think my father's been reading too because it popped right up on the Menu Bar. I know he's been feeding the two Betas in the tank well while I've been gone and the Playstation never goes underused. I think I'm going to buy San Andreas next year, for now I'll have to settle for Spy Hunter. The car actually becomes a boat. And whoa is it aquatic, like Ludacris running the Jet Ski races in 2 Fast 2 Furious. I smelled a Rat on the reservation when I stopped to swap matchbooks with the Cherokee people, and say hello to an old friend who said to be on the lookout for a red cadillac with three passengers that had pulled an armed robbery down the road. The cops were on full alert. It was interesting driving with my enterage last night and I was well blinged in the hood at Ferry and 19th when we stopped for Gas at 2 am. Dr. Jones sat happily in silence while the Bass Kicked from an Explorer with rotating rims.
In any case, I'm in WGB now and the swivel chair is swiveling and I'm off for morning coffee, a shower, and a shave, and some leftovers right along with toast, and you guessed it, an Empire State apple.


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