Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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How is it, that in America there are such a variety of influences and laws governing, what we take in and put back out into the world on a daily basis.

An example: I just read the Gibson Blog - NY Times -, Suntimes, and Yahoo Cartoons. I am listening t0 a conventional walkman because I'm at a public terminal, and its FM radio or CD. Right now Wild 101 FM Buffalo. Earlier in the day I listened to a sermon. Yesterday I spent time reading the bible, and at present I am enjoying the sounds of the hip hop generation. At times I listen to Rock, or classic Rock. But at times it seems that the only people on par with the true artists in Literature are the rap artists. I mean, at least they are literate enough to write poetry. Sometimes I feel like I am walking through a haze of illiterate zombies and damaged veterans. And All I can do to stay above the level is teach and give away my books. I even lost my promo copy of Pattern Recognition to a girl I knew over the summer. At least that's spreading out there.

The question constantly arises in my mind,
What should we be spending our money on? Guns or Butter, especially when the popcorn's flowing. I feel like I've been through post traumatic stress because of movies like Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now, and Jacob's Ladder (Incedentally a must watch for those of you doing LSD research). These films are not just violent in the physical, but the spiritual sense, and you will understand it when you watch them.

These are the sorts of things, that I believe our fighters in this battle have to contend with it, and the problems of addiction and domestic destruction are no different. People must overcome moral challenges with each moment of their ever changing existence and they do not realize it. The only thing that will save anyone is the never ending supply of angels. And for as long as they can out pace the epidemics of the current times, there will be a future for at least the seekers of the truth.
How optimistic that future can be is up to them, and their level of civility.

If you die and you've found your path to Enlightenment, or God, or Allah or Yahweh, or Jehovah, or The Yin and Yang, Or The Alpha and the Omega, Does It Really Affect you Negatively? Hmmm....

You tell me...I know certain there's a commandment that I'm keeping barring all complications of personal consequence.

-Chris Bradley
Dedinkated Pacifist
Subscriber to the House Appropriations Committee Newsletter
And Registered Democrat

"I got Shots ta give..."
-Jay Z

Christopher J. Bradley
Noise Control Publishing


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