Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wed. Oct 27 2004 Noisecontrol Publishing
Good Morning again. Last night was excellent. After a brief outing to the Dollar Store with Mom where I got to listen to the Radio, and a game of Bingo where I won a pair of White Sox for playing, I was able to move around a bit and get to know some of the people that were there.
George and I had a discussion about Daniel, and Exodus, and Matthew, and Revelation, as well as a little bit on Genesis and Deuteronomy.

The world will not be destroyed except by the hand of God. It is a comfort to know that.

Someone today suggested that I read Psalm 109. I plan to look it up right now actually.

Talk to you soon,

There's plenty more going on, but I will keep it under wraps until I can more effectively assess the situation.


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