Friday, November 05, 2004

Kodacroam Noisecontrol Publishing

Like the doppler effect
on a butterfly's wing
When I spit my rhymes
I burn and I sting

I'm with my homies
From around the globe
From the BBC 1extra
To every area code

You know you want to snap quick
as I rock and I roll
because I come out beautiful
In rich Kodachroam

The raindow color of my vibrant gel
Put out that funk like that sweet sweet smell
All you Nazi punk freaks can find ceaseless hell
Cause like Cold Cool J I'm fixed to ring the bells

As I move move with the quickness of Ali's sting bee
From the earth to the skies to
The poles to the sea,
Sucker MC's never make me flee.

My clocked swatch flips time like a burger grilled
As the lyrics that I drop drip bleed and spill,
And the ink dries wet on the page so deep,
While through the alleyway's my graffiti creeps.

I light up the times like a neon light,
Brighter than the virgin megastore half past midnight,
And the six a.m. sun rises glory be,
As the epics roll out from flavor flav and D.

Today just me the last day of your life,
So butter sunny side up with your cheese and your knife,
All our days are numbered disappear,
As a dead prez said, all we fear is fear.

For the nights shorten nights shorten in summer,
The trees die in fall,
But in spring, the clouds break,
And winter's santa claus.

Today's the end less than the beginning, or middle,
So dance on your rooftop and get out the fiddle,
Cause tomorrow's comin' on like an 800 pound gorilla,
And the Empire State's loomin over us all as the taxi cabs crawl.


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