Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Casino Times

Last night I spent some more time in the Casinos, both the New York and the Casino Niagara. I lost my shorts again at video poker. Fortunately, my shorts were worth 8 bucks. I'm doing pretty good so far this month, with that big win a couple weeks ago.

I'm tuned into Semtex on BBC One and rubbing my stomach, ouch, spicy tacos last night. The beer doesn't mix well with the drugs... :) Semtex is talking about Jay-Z's retirement, and apparently it works something like this, Jay-Z is becoming Sean Carter again. Everyone knew he wouldn't retire for real. How can you, when you're alive, you have to be creative.

I should be posting this on Tone Def.

Maybe I will.

Hmmmm. I wonder when I see the doctor next. Should probably call them about that.

Hang on while I dial...Answering Service. BS. It's almost 11:00 and they can't put me through. There should be no secretary's day for these people. They've hounded my existence for months.

Anyway, on to happy happy joy joy thoughts,

My dogs are smiling at me, maybe I'm looking squirell like...



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