Sunday, May 09, 2004

The Rain's about to come - 150 Poetry Poems - Noisecontrol Publishing - I just posted 150 poems to the site you see on the title bar there. Poetry poem is a flash for building pages. I discovered it through Jolene. Man, was she quick on the draw with that one. The bulk of the Alpha Zulu pages are there, and I intend to make a table of contents for it soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

In other news, I got out to Buffalo last night and had dinner with Mark and Jerry and a new girl whose name I cannot remember. In any case, while I was out I put some more CD's on the street, and dropped some off at the Dunkin Donuts when I got my morning coffee today while returning Bruce Almighty to the video store.

It was good enough that I watched it twice while we had it. I'll have to make a note to review it for Filmodia.



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