Wednesday, May 05, 2004

50 CDs on the street - Noisecontrol Publishing - 50 more CDs are on the street and running. Last night after Dinner and after spending some time with some friends in Writers Port and An All New Poetry Thread, I went to visit my friend Scott at work. I had a beer and listened to some Ex Secret Service agent rattle off his finer points on a cell phone. Let him rattle, it's none of my concern. We went from there to Scotts, where he dropped off his car, and then to Youngstown to the Stone Jug. I was given a shot and an extra beer which was cool. I don't know where it came from. It took a while to wash out of my system. It's good that we stayed until closing. Then Scott and I went for an adventure to the Essex in Buffalo, and as I predicted to Dylan, it was not raining in Buffalo. The times they are a changing...They were playing Zeppelin on the radio when we got there, and I started passing out CD's. I almost ran out before giving Val the bartender one. The pub is dingy and dirty and grimy, and there's graffiti on the bathroom wall, but it's the ambiance that counts. May have met someone who will want to use the music as a backdrop for video. She was pretty cool looking. I remember long red hair. I gave her a card.
And I had one beer, followed by too much pepsi to Stand. Then we went to Jim's Steak Out where Scott bought a Steak and cheese sub, and I smoked up a storm waiting for him. On the way back to Youngstown, we listened to 102.1 and they played a couple new tracks, one in particular caught my attention, Combat Baby.


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