Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Thought I would publish a link to my Pattern Recognition Review over the sea on Voidshockz


The Digital Firestorm Reaches The Here and Now.
A Review of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition.
By Christopher J. Bradley
1/19/2003 9:26:20 PM
©2003 by Christopher J. Bradley

Its been roughly 3 years since Gibson’s last science fiction novel touched down, and this one has so much Boeing that by the end you need an airlift. It’s actually set in the present but along the history line of the last sixty years jammed in with every element of bleeding edge that you could possibly think of. We are in, lets say, England, and then Tokyo, and then more England, and then Moscow, and then France. With fences and attaches of all sorts and street runners of antique computers the pace never cuts out.

The principle’s name is Cayce Pollard. She’s got a sort of boyfriend who’s a director of some vicious Russian war saga who isn’t in London at present. In the midst of receiving e-mails from a channeller for her missing father (presumed dead on September 11th), her apartment is broken into during the course of normal business. Cool hunting she calls it, free-lance marketing consulting which she is apparently very good at, she travels first class. Business allegiances begin to change and after a while, we begin to wonder if it’s really business after all, or something more sinister. You see, she has a horrible fear of the Michellin man, and what’s worse, he keeps appearing places he doesn’t belong.

She finds herself relying heavily on e-mail from a web contact named Parkaboy who is a “footagehead” that she met from a users group specifically dedicated to the discovery of information related to 135 hot film clips that have been appearing on the internet. How, why, or who are the questions that keep her up at night, and she finds herself more and more wrapped up in finding out who the “maker” of the clips is as time passes.

Gibson’s e-mails and intermittent cell phone calls and PDA references are countered by the more conventional packets of data folded in real envelopes and cases, carefully woven in cloth and string. And the mirror-world, Cayce’s representation of London on off-net time, is every bit as intricate as the spy story that is slowly unfolding. The evolution of global capitalism is at work and the forces binding it up are not all at agreeable purposes. Especially not in Russia.

When the subway maps begin to include templates for Claymore mine blast radii and Stegonographic watermarks are discovered in some of the footage, you know things are going to begin to really warp into high gear, the only question is, will you be able to keep up?

Our author handles the discussion of September 11th both artfully and respectfully. His rendering with the falling of rose petals in a store window, leaves no emotion un-wrent while not taking advantage of public hatreds or fanaticism. He appears to view it from the perspective of someone swept up, but not toppled by A Megalomania too intense to ever be properly expressed in words. The situation was artfully crafted and he does not dwell on the past, but looks to the future, and a settling on the present with hope.

And what helps me really enjoy this book, is the possibility for a sequel, A true kick into the next novel where Cayce may indeed discover more of her true place in the world as more than a function of fashion and a part of the greater community of modelers of what is to be. And who knows, maybe she will discover more about her father’s past.
http://www.japander.com/ is a site dedicated to US stars advertising in Japan. Requires Quicktime 5 or better.

Monday, December 29, 2003

I've discovered I can just spaz off of current events in the news to keep myself occupied with the Rabid Squirrell times. This is kind of interesting. I've had news from Japan and Berundi today and America of course with the posting of Spider Man again.

What a web slinger I've been, I'm glad I learned this technique. It will be useful in the coming months. I'm officially going to call it spazzing.

Beware, Or you might get spazzed!
This article was out there on Yahoo News. I didn't want to lose it, because I saw it as a new tech article that needs to be reviewed,
And they change the addresses so I just pasted it here.

Gamer wins back virtual swag
By Staff, CNETAsia

A Chinese online gamer has won a court ruling ordering that virtual goods stolen from him must be returned

An online gaming company in China was ordered to return a player's virtual goods that had been hacked and stolen.

The court in Beijing ruled on 18 December, 2003 that Beijing Artic Ice Technology Development must return the virtual goods to the player, Li Hongchen. Hongchen had spent two years and over $1,200 (£676) on 'pay-as-you-go' access cards playing the online game "Hongyue" (Red Moon) and had built up an account of virtual money and weapons in his playing account.

In February 2003, Hongchen discovered that his account had been hacked through the game's central servers. He complained to the company but was told that the virtual goods had no real world value. The company also refused to identify the hacker, saying that it could not reveal private details of players, reported Reuters, an international news agency.

The police were unable to help Hongchen who then took the company to court, asking for $1,200 in compensation.

Hongchen said the virtual equipment had been earned with his labour, time, wisdom and actual cash, and therefore belonged to him, according the Xinhua, the Chinese news agency.

The court found the company liable for flaws in its servers that allowed the hacker to access and clean out Hongchen's account. The company was ordered to recreate Hongchen's virtual goods, although it is not clear yet if they will also have to pay him damages or identify the hacker.

Xinhua said the lawsuit was the first virtual property rights dispute case in China. A columnist for TechNewsWorld, a US news Web site, said the Chinese court case appeared to be the first in the world.

However, virtual goods have already been a source of real world conflict. Goods, characters and other features of online games are already regularly traded through online auction sites such as eBay, sold and bought with real money, with actual violence occasionally erupting over online interactions.

An economist from the California State University, Fullerton, estimated the players of popular online game Everquest in the US could earn an average $3.42 an hour for their skills, said the NewScientist.com news service.

In China, online gaming is poised to be serious money. The online gaming industry in China is estimated around $242m this year, and is expected to more than double next year, according to analysts.

Los Alamos and Goodyear

By Christopher J. Bradley


Los Alamos,

Why did you have to come at all,

We could have ram rodded them with Tanks,

Why did we have to send Beautifully Decimating Enola.

Los Alamos,

Couldn't you instead have been a,

Good Year tire facility,

And been instrumental,

In bringing the highways to the masses,

Just a little earlier.

Good Year,

You've done us all right,

And I look forward to meeting,

Mr. Goodwrench when the time comes,

And he'll socket me right,

Into the American night,

Of the Streets,

Where only Buffalo,

Take Flight!
Record Time In Space

By Christopher J. Bradley



How Long was Your Time In Space,

How Far Did You Travel?

What Is the Odometer Like,

In Your Tin Can Above the Clouds.

I am sure you felt almost like a sardine,

And you were good enough to eat,

And you must have been quite a proud one at that,

To know,

That you’d broken a record,

In 1987.

Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Close Encounters is a Steven Spielberg movie about the communication of alien life forms with humans on earth, and a first contact scenerio. The aliens use five tones to construct a language of music and build into the dreams of several characters, images of Devil's Tower, a mountain on which they eventually plan to land their craft. They abduct a child and later trade him for a character played by Richard Dreyfus.
A Bugs Life
A Bugs Life is an animated Pixar Disney Romp through the jungle of the grass field between a bug circus and the ant hill. One soldier ant is commissioned to find bugs to protect the colony from the grasshoppers who will attempt to bully them from their land this season. It is a great kids film and I really enjoyed seeing it the day it came out!
Blade Runner
Blade Runner stars Harrison Ford and was Directed by Ridley Scott. It is a story by Philip K. Dick about the human side of Androids built to work as slaves in mines, who are hunted down and arrested or executed by Blade Runners (the part played by Ford). Decker (Ford) falls in love with a beautiful robot designed by the manufacturer of the Androids he is hired to kill and he must make the ethical choice of destroying them all or saving their lives as best he can.
The Black Hole
The Black Hole was a Disney Venture into the depths of outer space. The crew of the cygnus sits perched on the verge of entering a Black Hole in outer space, while coming face to face with a huge red robot named Maximillian who has some nasty claws. The crew has two friendly Robots on its side to help them out with fighting off the bad guys who happen to be androids and robots controlled by a Mad Scientist who has taken over the vessel.
Black Belt Jones
Black Belt Jones is a hilarious comedy from the 70's where the mafia wants to take out a Karate studio. Black Belt Jones has to open a can o'whupass on the opposing family. Get ready for some solid action and suspense filled riotous comedy.
Battlefield Earth
A Saga Of The Year 3000

This film starred John Travolta and Forest Whitaker. The film is about the Slave politics of the year 3000 as humans are captured from Earth to be taken as slaves to slave colonies in space. I had the chance to speak to Forest Whitaker in cyberspace regarding a sequel. See the notes in the Panic Room Interview Below with noisecontrol1 as the questioner.

Forest Whitaker Interview:

From directing (Waiting to Exhale) to acting (Good Morning, Vietnam), Forest Whitaker knows filmmaking. Chat with Forest about his acting experience with Jodie Foster in "Panic Room" which debuted at #1 in its opening weekend.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Do you have a question for Forest Whitaker? Click the submit question button and enter your question now.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Now is a great time to get your question in for Forest Whitaker. Make it creative and you just may see your question onstage!

DishDiva says: You may also remember Forest from his role in "Good Morning, Vietnam."

DishDiva says: Have you seen "Panic Room" yet? If so, tell us about it!

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Did you know that Forest Whitaker directed "Hope Floats" with Sandra Bullock?

DishDiva says: He also directed "Waiting to Exhale."

redbrainy in Onstage1 asks: I found the movie very good and i hope to find more movies with you in them

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Did you know Forest also appeared in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?

PheriRayne in Onstage3 asks: I didn't know you directed "Hope Floats" and "Waiting to Exhale" both very good movies, that I own....keep up the good work, Forest!!!

DishDiva says: Your hosts for this event are Trish, Joan, Maree and Mark. If you have any questions about this event, they can help!

DishDiva says: For more on your favorite entertainment stories visit MSN Entertainment at http://entertainment.msn.com

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Please note that you only need to submit your question once.

DishDiva says: We'll try to get to as many questions as we can in this event!

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Great questions this afternoon! Forest will be joining us onstage in less than 10 minutes!

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live. In just a fe minutes actor/director will be onstage to answer YOUR questions about his latest film, "Panic Room" in which he stars alongside Jodie Foster.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live. This afternoon we are pleased to welcome actor/dircetot Forest Whitaker to MSN Live for the very first time.

DishDiva says: Forest, welcome and congratulations on the #1 film last weekend!

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Thank you, I'm excited!

Butterflyblue97 in Onstage1 asks: Were you suprised by how well the "Panic Room" did upon release?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Honestly, I thought "Panic Room" would be a success before I started. In the hands of David Fincher, I thought it was perfect. The thing that was different for him, was a degree of hope. It had a morality about it that would attract people.

hottiegurl126 in Onstage1 asks: What was your favorite scene in the movie?

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I liked the scene where I'm administering insulin to Kristen, the little girl. I liked the dynamic of that.

PatrioticStipe in Onstage3 asks: Do you like to play the bad guy or the good guy most?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I didn't consider this guy a bad guy. I like to play what you would consider normal, that go through things and you might consider them bad. I played two hit men before but I never considered them bad guys.

rosenville in Onstage1 asks: What was it like shooting in the same location for so long?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: It was really hard on the crew and at times on the cast. For me it was good because I am normally work out of town. I live in Los Angeles and since we filmed there, I was able to go home and see friends and have almost a normal life.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

NeonStreetsYolanda in Onstage1 asks: Thanks Forest for doing the chat tonight, I was wondering what You and the Others {Dwight Yoakam and Jared Leto} did in the off time during filming throughout the days? Loved the movie! Yolanda in California

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: They were doing different things. Dwight was working on "South of Heaven West of Hell" so he was working on music. Jared was coming out with a new band. I had a new puppy and was working hard on training him. He grew up during that film.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: His name is Pharroah and he's a Doberman Pinchser.

SarahLydia in Onstage1 asks: Forest, is being famous everthing it's cracked up to be?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I was talking to my friend about that today. Sometimes there are benifits, you get to know people you never would have, you have experiences you wouldn't have before, the down side is the inability to go out and do normal things without having an exchange

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: with someone else. I do everything I did before, but I realize that if I'm in public I know I will be dealing with people. I like people, but sometimes I want a quiet moment.

DishDiva says: Do people tend to leave you alone when you are doing private things like shopping?

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: People don't even leave you alone in the bathroom. If you're in an arguement in your personal life people will still come up to you and want to talk. That's the down side. But you also get to meet a lot of people and most people are so nice to me. I guess

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: everything has to be a balance, so it's good an bad.

rusty_crowe_bar in Onstage3 asks: Which role required the most research for you to get into character?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I would say Bird, about Charlie Parker, not only did I have to study his life, I had to learn about the instrument, the saxophone, the emotions and diction deeply. It was a lot of work.

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: That was the most difficult. I haven't had many roles that were as difficult.

Manolis_Varnasactor1 in Onstage1 asks: Forest what do you love beeing most a director or an actor?

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I prefer to direct. To be able to tell the whole story, play around with sound, I love that. I can't continue to direct over and over, I have to take breaks because it takes so much out of me. I act inbetween, acting is almost a break for me now.

Mystical759 in Onstage1 asks: What would you say to someone who wants to be an actor?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I'd say, if you really want to, pursue your dream. Just commit yourself completely, dance out on a ledge, push yourself as far as you can go emotionally and spiritually to capture the truth. Don't compromise.

flyskwirlgirl in Onstage1 asks: Why did your character wear his company jacket, risking identification?

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Junior (Jared's character) told me no one would be there, that it was his grandfather's house and gave me the key to go in. So basically I was going with a guy who's grandfather had died and wanted to open his own safe. I thought he was trying to cheat

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: his family not the law.

Ev1lFoo in Onstage3 asks: What kind of input did you have at how the final scenes played out in "Panic Room"?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I didn't really have input. The way it was scripted there was the normal input of how you acted. But I thought that was the perfect way for the character to end. He was a tragic hero, a lot of audiences wanted a different result and I understand.

noisecontrol1 in Onstage1 asks: What was working with David Fincher like considering your previous directing experience?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: David is a unique filmmaker. I haven't worked with a director that's as technically proficient as David and knows how far you can push it. As an actor I try not to think about it. One shot may take a day so you can't be aware of what's going on so as a

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: filmmaker, that was interesting to see what was going on.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I got into acting through music. I was studying classical voice. I was doing a light opera and an agent saw me and asked if they could send me out on acting auditions. I had just switched to acting conservatory, and I acted in my first year there in "Fast

BgRig in Onstage1 asks: What made you decide to go into acting and do you ever regret doing so?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Times at Ridgemont High." I don't regret acting, I just wonder what I will come in the future.

rosenville in Onstage1 asks: When you started acting did you know you would eventually direct?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: No. It wasn't my goal. Originally my goals were to work on Broadway in New York. That was my only thought.

NitemareGothik in Onstage3 asks: Maybe you can help me. What was it that "Raoul" was picking up after you, Kristen, and Dwight left the (panic) room?

Shannon1979_ in Onstage1 asks: Forest if you could work with anyone who would it be and why?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Raoul was picking up his fingers, they had been crushed in the door and fell off.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Barry Soderberg, I also like Ang Li, I also like the director of "Amorous Paros," and I like the director of "Amelie."

games_on1 in Onstage1 asks: Forest what role did you learn the most from?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Again it would probably be Bird because I was a young actor and didn't know how far I could push my work. I just went out there and if I failed, I failed, but I was going to go out there and jump. That has taught me how far I could go as an actor and f

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: filmmaker.

Rainy_284 in Onstage1 asks: Forest what's it like working with Jodie Foster?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I mainly saw Jodie passing in the hallway. In the movie I'm in one room and she's in the other. Most of the time while we were working she was at home and vise versa. So we never had contact but 2 scenes. In the last scene I thought she was a really

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: focused artist, but I didn't have dialogue with her.

LocalHfan2k2 in Onstage1 asks: What type of movies did you enjoy as a teenager? Why?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I guess I liked martial arts movies. I was a big fan of Bruce Lee. I saw "Five Fingers of Death" and then started to see Bruce Lee and saw "Fists of Fury" and "Enter the Dragon." I didn't go to the movies that often. I didn't go to a walk in theater until

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I was in high school.

DishDiva says: Why is that?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: When I was young we went to the drive-ins and saw what my parents wanted to. When I got older, I was an hour drive away from home at school, so after football practice I would just go home.

DishDiva says: What's a better movie experience for you? Drive in or a traditional movie theatre?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: They closed down most of the drive-ins. When I directed "Hope Floats" I made them build a drive in. In Austin Texas there wasn't one, they asked if they could just sit on a cliff and look at the lights, and I told them a drive-in is romantic and

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: nostalgic, so I made them build that one.

noisecontrol1 in Onstage1 asks: When is Battlefield Earth going to come out...The Sequel?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I think that John would like to do a part 2. No one has discussed me being involved.

BRENNA_7 in Onstage1 asks: every movie i have seen of yours, you make the role you are playing seem so real.. is it hard to reach that far inside your self to make it seem so real?

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: That's the only reason why I switched from classical voice to acting, it was more honest and tell stories that were true. The journey is why I do what I do. Part of the reason I do that work is because it's what drives me to do the work.

Reesicup in Onstage1 asks: What do you have lined up for the near future?

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: I have 3 more movies coming out this year "Green Dragon" it was at Sundance last year. Then "The Phone Booth" that I did with Colin Farrell that comes out in the fall.

DishDiva says: Forest, thank you so much for answering audience questions tonight about your latest film "Panic Room."

Forest_Whitaker_Live says: Thanks for showing up, it was really nice, and hopefully we'll talk again

DishDiva says: From all of your fans on MSN, best of luck with your upcoming films!

DishDiva says: Got a comment for Forest Whitaker? Click the submit question button now and enter your comments now!

DishDiva says: Forest had left the stage but we happy to take your comments now!

BRENNA_7 in Onstage1 asks: thanks so much, you are the best , you should win more awards

NeonStreetsYolanda in Onstage3 asks: Good Night Forest See You at the Movies, Yolanda

games_on1 in Onstage1 asks: we love you keep it up!

rosenville in Onstage1 asks: Thanks Forest, you're an awesome actor and director.

games_on1 in Onstage1 asks: we love to see you at the movies ,you really make it seem so real . your the man!

Madziusia in Onstage1 asks: I love your shows thank you for answering our questions -Maggie

FungousNevada in Onstage3 asks: thanks for taking the time forest....

SarahLydia in Onstage1 asks: You are a great actor, Forest, and I hope I get this opportunity to talk with you again!

games_on1 in Onstage1 asks: HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THATS KEEPIN IT REAL!

redbrainy in Onstage1 asks: I really liked your movie hope to see more of them bye

BRENNA_7 in Onstage1 asks: please keep making more great films

canucks__26 in Onstage1 asks: your a great actor forest!!!!!

Felicity_K in Onstage3 asks: Great work, Forest. see you in the movies!

missystin0 in Onstage1 asks: love ya! thanks for taking the time to be here.

rainbowgrl32 in Onstage3 asks: you are wonderful and thank you!!

DishDiva says: For more on upcoming releases check out MSN Entertainment at http://entertainment.msn.com and http://accesshollywood.msn.com

NitemareGothik in Onstage3 asks: Thanks for answering my question about the fingers...That really helped me draw the picture...

games_on1 in Onstage1 asks: it rocks to see an actor take the time for his fans! hats off and respect to you !

addidi0 in Onstage1 asks: I love you since The Crying Game : ) You are the best

canucks__26 in Onstage1 asks: i loved u in fast times u rocked

DishDiva says: Thank you to Forest Whitaker for joining us tonight!

DishDiva says: Thanks also to tonight's hosts Mark, Maree, Trish, Budd and Joan!

DishDiva says: We'll see you again next week!

8Thank you! Our guest has received your question and will make every effort to answer it. However, due to the large number of questions submitted, not all questions can be answered.
Was a film with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton. They are Bank Robbers whose time begins to run afoul upon their meeting of a depression laden woman who can only cause them an even wilder ride than they are used to. It's a keystone capers type film with a mixture of Drama and Comedy that isn't likely to bore.
Bad Influence
This was a film with Rob Lowe and David Spader. In the beginning David is a mild mannered individual who is eventually corrupted and brought into the rampant world of partying in New York with Rob Lowe's character who is dark and deeply driven to all things alternative. It was a good 90's movie rental.
Artificial Intelligence
A modern pinnochio, a child named David, a Robot, is given into the care of two parents who have lost a child to a disease that affects his walking. They almost lost him completely, but when he returns to the family well, he ruins David's chances to live with the family and he is set free into the wild, where Robots are hunted by humans as scrap. They are hunted because of their surrogacy and the human hatred for what it does not understand. David comes face to face with the fact that he is not unique and falls to the bottom of the sea before an ice age. Thousands of years pass and he becomes the Anthropologists of the futures best record of the history of humanity. This was Directed by Steven Spielberg and
Amistad was a tale about the emancipation of a ship filled with slaves. If I am correct in remembering this, the crew of the ship was killed before the ship ported and they were forced to shore in America, where they were technically free men, until someone tried to put them up for sale. A young lawyer takes their case, and with the help of a retired President, again if I am correct, James Madison, they are freed to return to Africa. Based on a true story.
American Pie
This was a classic comedy, about the teenage years of today's children. It deals with subjects as random as web cam porn, and the infinite party life. I am actually not certain how to seperate it from its sequel which I remember better having seen it more recently. The first one develops the characters well and the second one follows up with a college level story.
2010 is another Arthur C. Clarke movie. It is about the construction of a second sun leaving the earth in a complete daytime. This film is very oblique with giant opaqe structures colliding in a mass. It was very difficult to figure out at the beginning but became clearer toward the end.

2001:A Space Odyssey
Was a film based on the author Arthur C. Clarke's novel. The film was set in the future (at the time, the future was about 30 years off). Where a ship goes into space to search for intelligent life. The computer which is based on an Artificial Intelligence of a sort named Hal, foils the plot killing several members of the crew. This film has depth and is famous for the soundtrack with several elements of new wave meets classical.
The birds are back in force. I hope that the warm weather isn't too confusing for them. I hate to see them die this far up North this time of year. It is such a depressing thing for me. Those creatures are so full of life and energy. It makes my heart pound in the summer time to hear them and I can often whistle along with them and get them going if I try.

I hope it really hits 60 today though, and I hope it stays that way for a couple of days. I am so uncomfortable when it is cold out, and I have to smoke. It's going to be a nice one today though, I'm sure. The squirells were wide awake and going about their business this morning and the bird sounds were kind of tropical in nature.

I want to eventually try to get one of those hybrid cars to protect the environment. Plus it would be cool to be the first kid on the block to have one. I saw an article on Mainichi where the first Hydrogen powered car crossed Australia in 9 days. Pretty cool eh?

Anyway, stay cool and keep writing, please catch up with me and post something, I'm hanging on your last words.
The 150 Billion Dollar Mess
by Christopher J. Bradley

If you can't beat your runner up,
Bash his opponent!
What an amazing piece of news,
That didn't make prime time.


150 Billion Dollars is nothing to sneeze at,
When you're trading comments like that,
The supports have to be in place,
If it were me, I'd require protection,
A nice profolactic for my explosive orotory.

But that's just me,
I don't have 150 Billion to make a mess with,
So I guess, I'll just wait here,
While the bread lines get longer,
And the unemployed get stronger,

And chew on the few crumbs,
That are left...

This is the harvard gazette...
Looking forward to 2004!

What will be new in 2004? Will the world go nano? Will those Diamond computer chips really thaw the market and make everything we've done up to this point obsolete? Will the Yeti be discovered?

What will happen in 2004 globally? Will the peace be found, or will we keep on fighting? Will the President still be the President? Will the Congress remain controlled by Republicans?

Will the clocks still chime at midnight on New Years Eve? Will the parties still be loaded with confetti and champagne?

Will there be more young girls and young guys, sneaking around and doing adult things behind their parents backs? Will the parents be trying to find ways to grope at one another while the kids aren't looking?

Will they put up the Cheektowaga Casino without a riot? Will the parking ramp get finished in the Falls?

Will my friends ever fricking call me? This e-mail thing is not the best way to stay in touch with people around town.

Will the temperature hit 60 on the first day of the new year? So I can walk about in the green and watch a Rose bloom prematurely?

Will the rap stars and the football players champion one another in the global arena of the mass media machine?

Will the toaster ovens make toast?

Will I find myself on the same perch in Buffalo that I've been riding for endless years? Will I go to a bar for a change?

Who can tell? And wouldn't you like to know. Don't look to me,
I'm no prophet, And no sayer of sooth.

But I know one thing,
This keypad is becoming one with the me,
And I kind of like the me,
He's a pretty cool deal.
The Digital Firestorm Reaches The Here and Now.
A Review of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition.
By Christopher J. Bradley
1/19/2003 9:26:20 PM
©2003 by Christopher J. Bradley

Its been roughly 3 years since Gibson’s last science fiction novel touched down, and this one has so much Boeing that by the end you need an airlift. It’s actually set in the present but along the history line of the last sixty years jammed in with every element of bleeding edge that you could possibly think of. We are in, lets say, England, and then Tokyo, and then more England, and then Moscow, and then France. With fences and attaches of all sorts and street runners of antique computers the pace never cuts out.

The principle’s name is Cayce Pollard. She’s got a sort of boyfriend who’s a director of some vicious Russian war saga who isn’t in London at present. In the midst of receiving e-mails from a channeller for her missing father (presumed dead on September 11th), her apartment is broken into during the course of normal business. Cool hunting she calls it, free-lance marketing consulting which she is apparently very good at, she travels first class. Business allegiances begin to change and after a while, we begin to wonder if it’s really business after all, or something more sinister. You see, she has a horrible fear of the Michellin man, and what’s worse, he keeps appearing places he doesn’t belong.

She finds herself relying heavily on e-mail from a web contact named Parkaboy who is a “footagehead” that she met from a users group specifically dedicated to the discovery of information related to 135 hot film clips that have been appearing on the internet. How, why, or who are the questions that keep her up at night, and she finds herself more and more wrapped up in finding out who the “maker” of the clips is as time passes.

Gibson’s e-mails and intermittent cell phone calls and PDA references are countered by the more conventional packets of data folded in real envelopes and cases, carefully woven in cloth and string. And the mirror-world, Cayce’s representation of London on off-net time, is every bit as intricate as the spy story that is slowly unfolding. The evolution of global capitalism is at work and the forces binding it up are not all at agreeable purposes. Especially not in Russia.

When the subway maps begin to include templates for Claymore mine blast radii and Stegonographic watermarks are discovered in some of the footage, you know things are going to begin to really warp into high gear, the only question is, will you be able to keep up?

Our author handles the discussion of September 11th both artfully and respectfully. His rendering with the falling of rose petals in a store window, leaves no emotion un-wrent while not taking advantage of public hatreds or fanaticism. He appears to view it from the perspective of someone swept up, but not toppled by A Megalomania too intense to ever be properly expressed in words. The situation was artfully crafted and he does not dwell on the past, but looks to the future, and a settling on the present with hope.

And what helps me really enjoy this book, is the possibility for a sequel, A true kick into the next novel where Cayce may indeed discover more of her true place in the world as more than a function of fashion and a part of the greater community of modelers of what is to be. And who knows, maybe she will discover more about her father’s past.
Well, I've been sleeping, so I have to wonder, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Of course they might, but then I would have to wonder why they just dream of the real thing..

Somehow an entire day passed and then it was night, and I was sitting here wondering, yet again, where have all the people gone, Am I left to my own electric fantasies and the glare of the television.

What can you imagine in the dark?

At least I have Edison to thank for the electric lightbulb. Lincoln wasn't even that lucky, he had to burn a candle to study at night.

I remember talking a couple of days ago to my mother about Valley Forge and how Washington attacked on the 26th to take advantage of the drunkenness of his opponents in the war for independence.

What a row. I wouldn't have otherwise remembered that if a friend hadn't brought it up over coffee this Friday. I am also disappointed that I didn't get to visit him on Saturday, due to a lack of transportation again.

One of these days, I'm actually going to get my car back from the mechanic. That may or may coincide with my ever getting paid. Which kind of leaves me in the lurch for the moment, writing for free, looking for a place to rest my feet.

Lately my feet have been one of the least comfortable places on me. I have bad sneakers and it's winter. The idea of paying for a good pair has me a little annoyed. 79 dollars for a pair of Nike's or Addidas is still too much. I'd rather spend that kind of money on a hot date,
But the dates are few and far between too.

I remember with fondness my last date, It happened on the day of my best friend's father's funeral. I ended up having to make the special effort to get there, and what's worse, it was our first date. She wasn't interested in meeting me after I went to the thing.

I am disappointed that that friend has kind of stopped returning my phone calls, and writes nothing to me on my website. He thinks me to liberal. I will call him to the day too conservative. He has chosen to let our politics get in the way of our friendship and I think that is awful.

There must be something more to talk about, but it is night, and the oil paintings hang on the piano, and the stereo record player sits next to me waiting to get hooked up, and the mirrors are bouncing me back and forth in Edison's light, and the speaker is about to beep as I save this, and we are all together in the void, like planets about to align. Pray that it doesn't happen on May 5, 2005. :)
I think I managed to go an entire day forgetting to write about Paycheck the new Ben Affleck Movie. That's a shame. Many people may have already gone to see it.

Paycheck is a movie directed by John Woo (Hong Kong Action Guy) and written by Philip K. Dick (now deceased). Philip K. Dick is known for writing the book "Do Androids Dream of Electrick Sheep?" which the movie Blade Runner was based on.

While I have never read an entire book by Dick, I have read some of his short stories while sitting in Barnes and Noble. He's a tough writer, and he really plays with the Paranoid fantasies that we all have. He's closer to Orwell than you would think.

Paycheck is a movie where a Reverse Engineer agrees to have his Brain Wiped to steal Semi-Conductor Technology, In Order to Build A Machine That Can See Into The Future. I Hope I Haven't Spoiled It Here. In Any Case, He Falls In Love With Uma Thurman, And It Is Not Entirely Clear Whether She Is Working With Or Against Him.

The Movie Appears To Be Set In the Present Day, But It Is Clear That We Don't Have Time Machines Today, Or Do We?

Sunday, December 28, 2003

http://www.raveworld.net/ goes to Thrasher skate magazine now.
I saw new videos for Jewel, Paul Van Dyk, Delerium, and a host of others that are new this morning. It would seem that Paul Van Dyk may have already read Pattern Recognition. I noticed a pattern in the light flashes that looked like the pattern on the cover of the book, I could be mistaken, but if this is true, it is news. I have heard some of his mixes before on a really old site that used to be around called Raveworld.net. Things in the electronic music community have changed significantly since that site was any form of necessity.
Man, I think the world is experiencing some kind of global downtime or something. It's Five AM SUNDAY when I am usually in full gear and the circuits just aren't humming as they usually do.

I think everyone is out for the weekend and I am just experiencing some kind of relapse Acid trauma. Hell who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll be on the Oprah show for losing a few pounds due to sleep deprivation.

They couldn't keep me away from the chocolate chip cookies tonight though. I managed to munch through them like the monster I am.

I spent most of the night reading and it fueled the fires, but I have nothing much to stay lucid about. I see sparkles and raindrops and a golden aura at the edges of my steel framed glasses. Wait, that's just the blogger help sign in my peripheral. Phew, I'm still alive.

Sometimes the torment hits like a ton of bricks, all of the things that you wish you'd done had circumstances been different. Had the globe not shrunk as it has.

I just discovered something new that I had not looked into before. I found an e-book community website. I may have actually discovered my readers. I am glad to finally have some to send this data out too. We'll see.

Sammy Davis Jr.
By Christopher J. Bradley

Sammy Davis,
You stepped across the color line,
And hugged Nixon.
Was the hug returned?

You are remembered today,
In the pages of the New York Times,
A Legend For Your Time,
A star crossed artist,
Who will besmirch,
Each of us,
As the sands permit.
We are here for you,

We are here like the pheasants on a winters morning.
Ripe for the picking,
Of a huntsman's dog.
I'm not a prophet, martyr, saint, or theologian of any kind. I've just got my back up against a wall and I'm clapping back. The new world economy has been one of information for years. We just never had enough of it to impress anyone with. I am becoming increasingly impressed with what we can create together.

A joining of hands around a camp fire would be nice. Capture the flag would be nice, a nice Canoe Trip in the Canadian woods would be nice. I can't do any of these things now that I'm too old to get my feet wet, but I'll tell you what, I did them as a kid and every kid deserves these opportunities in a world with as many gifts as we have here.

I know a couple of things have jogged my memory in the recent past. One of them was seeing all of the boy scout troup leaders in the area get together. I am glad to have shaken hands with some of them. They still do a respectable job of raising American youth and we should be proud of them. If I ever need a fire lit, I know just the boy scout to ask. While I couldn't finance a night out, I was there in spirit and I am sure that if he reads this entire rant he knows it. Boy Scouts can survive with flint and steel in the coldest of climates. And he's got plenty of flint.

I watch my neighbor take his kids to play high school hockey and I think man, what an expensive sport, but the kids love it and they are tough ones. They play their radio loud, like I used to back in the day. I only wish they would play me some of their own music. I know that they are multitalented as well. We all are multitalented with digital gear on the cheap. Heck, my brother's got synthesis drum pads, and I never would have imagined being able to afford them in my day. They were a crazy Depeche Mode eerie Japanese Tycho drum type thing back then and nothing would have stopped me from buying their entire gettup when they were done with it if I were a Gazillionaire like Don Johnson.

I read William Gibson's entire Blog tonight because I wanted to see what he was about. He definitely is some one I've looked up to as a talented artist since Age 16. The electric cool aid acid test is a thing of the past and he comes out against the Kerouac style of writing. This I found unusual but not altogether unlike him. He seems to be a bit of a reculse. He plans to stop writing the Blog while he writes his novel, which seems to me to defeat the purpose. For example, if you could weave across both plains and somehow conceal the novel while writing a Blog you'd have the entire game down.

Make it kind of an informal show and tell. But then, of course, I'm not him, and I don't know what kinds of casual activities he has to do to perfect his craft. If I were him, I'd damn sure make sure I had some good coffee for breakfast every day.

Now that I have figured out my coffee maker, I think I'm going to begin to do something like that so that I can stay wider and tone proof while writing. I should also like to eventually get the internet radio working in my favor now that I have it down stairs.

We jokingly suggested that I should create a tour company called Rain Man tours and invite rich Harvard kids to come to the casino and learn to gamble and throw some money around. That might defeat my purpose of ever getting into Harvard.

I've enjoyed reading a couple of good books regarding times where Bill Gates played cards among his friends there, and eventually ended up running Microsoft which really is the whole shebang. I mean I can't log onto my PC without seeing it.

Bill Gates was portrayed as a real young gun in Hard Drive, a critical novel about the creation of Microsoft, that I read because of a contact who I can only recall now as Merlin or Brian who ran a BBS on Grand Island when I was in High School. Merlin The Magician. It was interesting back then that we all had our own codenames and sort of secret handshakes and things. I could have been known as The Eradicator, or The Elfster, or one of those odd names in the global village before the global village.

There were elements of life that I loved about those times, and to look back, elements that I could not bear, but I have come to accept who I am and move on. I really wish I'd kept my girlfriend in 10th grade. It would have been something we both could have built on. The seperation from the word, was like the seperation from the bond. She gave me an excuse to write and to this day I am still doing it.

I should not say still because writing is not a still activity. It is a very verb or action based activity that you have to think about. You have to sit down and say to yourself, I want to do this. This is something that I need for me to be who I am, to scream from the rooftops Whitman's famed Yawp! as Robin Williams so adeptly articulated in The Dead Poet's society.

When we were young, none of us grew up thinking that computers and the digital age could bring about the confining of people and the segmenting of people and the end of life and the advent of commercialism. We never anticipated pop ups or worms or cyber crypto child pornograpy or steganographic watermarks. We thought that computers would be the savior or the opening of the Houses of The Holy rather than a sink hole into the void of nothingness. But I have to tell you that in the universe of cyberspace, the stars are few and far between.

It feels like a lonely planet out here in the dark of night, while I sit here fidgeting with the mute button on the black keyboard trying to think of something to say when what I really want to scream from the mountaintops, Read Asimov, Tolstoy, Aristotle, Homer, Whitman, Williams, Gibson, and all the rest of them, because if you don't you will walk to the lonely road alone in the dark for the ten years that I went without a script.

Informationalists and pseudo scientists will tell you other wise, they will chant their tarot crossword mystery science fiction 3000 and they'll make you want to masterbate to a Virgin mobile phone on MTV, but they won't bring you to the brink of ecstasy that a single verse of Ave Maria or In Excelcis Deo like the classical training of a world renowned pianist could. Incidentally, I think that classical music training on Piano or Violin should be an essential part of all children's education. They must not be hardwired to the box, before they find a way to make a joyful noise and shout their own respective voices from their own respective mountaintops.

Perhaps I am being silly, but I have some experience with children. I know for example, that my brother who is far younger than I am can read and recite in almost exact detail the plotlines for books that I couldn't read should I desire to pick them up. He is intelligent, as you or I or anyone else is, and needs to be treated as an intelligent, capable and loving being. There are harmful people in the world that would like to subvert and challenge the very innocence of a child whose mind is still growing and becoming full of wisdom, knowledge, and an understanding of how to operate in a complex and technological framework. These individuals often times are maladjusted teens themselves. Where do you draw the line and say enough is enough, the world was designed so that people can learn to be humane to one another. It was not designed for the disillusionment of the young, Flash Mobs, Racial Violence, Hatred, Or any of the other many of the Several Other Devolutions into Chaos and disorder.

Swing back to life 2.0. Erase the slate. Re-write it as Democrat. Bring Slashdot into the multi-platform omniverse. Say Hello to my little friend. 50 Cent was a foregone conclusion since before I'm Gonna Get You Sucka was in rotation. The guy knows where its at. Wanksta clearly shows him protecting his kid from the fake plastic one. We live in a vibrant living society with people in it. Not terminals. Living organisms with blood flowing through their veins and neurons and axons firing. They have to find something to fire on, they have to have something to think about, they have to have something to do. We are providing them with nothing but advertising when what we need to do is provide them with content. Streamlining while widening the bandwidth doesn't help. It just accellerates the marketing window. People cannot live in Pictographs. It would be nice to think that they could, but even Johnny in the Mnemonic used e-mail. Even the cave dwellers drew pictures (thank you William). We must have a common frame of codified referrence that people can relate to before we go to far and litigate ourselves into being driven by the machine rather than driving the machine. The machine is cold. It doesn't have a heart, a soul, a brain, a mind, a third eye, a consciousness. We need more fiber in our diets. Think Heath and Norton anthologies on multiplicitous scales. Think bibles think Hebrew and Islam getting along for a change. We're all people man. Think Jesus and God and Old and New Testaments mixing. The Golden Rule, Do Unto Others As You'd Have them do unto you.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

I threw a lot of things away learning how to make the scene, and now being a part of the scene is very much like not being anywhere at all. Faces look up at me, but they do not find me as disinterested as before. I feel like I have to close some doors, while some open new possibilities. I am getting more comfortable with myself in my old age of 30 I guess.

I've been street legal for 9 years, and I'm not a complete drunk, Depression aside, I've got some other things going for me, at least I know how to stand up on my own and get around. It's a question now of not overexerting a weak heart.

On the weekends I barely sleep. I am completely addicted to the internet and the netizens that lie within. That's a word that hasn't crept up for a while. It used to be that there were more humans than netizens. Now it's something of the other way around, and I'm not certain that all of the power is in responsible hands.

There are issues like Stego and Crypto that only the Open Source people are talking about and our people in plain old boon town Niagara haven't the faintest of how to keep a stable e-mail address. It's simple, if it works, don't change it. Don't get too many to keep track of, Remember your passwords, those kinds of things.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new found freedom in the dining room and dreaming of days as a musician how I flooded the whole house with sound. If I had the resources to buy the music gear I'd like to have, I wouldn't be living here. I'd be somewhere in Sommerville or Meford. I have fond memories of Medford which I think I now should share as I am ruminating upon the idea of living there at some point in one of many possible futures:

Medford Village Currents (The New England Slack)
By Christopher J. Bradley
4/21/2003 7:19:08 PM (On the Eve Of The Completion Of The Boston

1 scene
[a supermarket parking lot]

In a black Ford LTD
It is windy and hot
A summer afternoon in July
It breezes in pulses.

2 scene
[someday café]

The goat dances on caffeine fumes
We speak to a cellist
She has long delicate arms
An MIT student with short blond hair
And a laptop also talks with us.
I would like to go home with either.
Scott finds the apartment folder.
He reads that a flute player is subletting.

3 scene
[the steps of the pink house]

We meet the Jerry Garcia knockoff,
He is heavy, but willing to join us,
For a discussion of rental arrangements,
Over beer.

4 scene
[the kendall square stop on the T]

It is six thirty,
Well after the rush,
The subway is clean,
It pulls away,
Leaving us to climb the stairs.

5 scene
[the brewery with the overhead pipes]

Vested shorted ivy leaguers,
Are pulling from Yards,
We are in full swing,
With our humble pints,
Jefferson Airplane wails,

And the bar stool spins a little,
Keeping us able to walk,
Back into the night.

6 scene
[davis square]

Ten Thirty P.M.
She is singing folk with an acoustic guitar box,
Open on the cement floor,
She has a little amplifier,
And a folding chair,
We ride the escalators,
And I make a note to tip her,
If I see her again.
Her voice echoes off the tiled wall.

7 scene
[we move into the pink house]

It takes several trips from,
The LTD to the doorsteps,
Where we notice ants have invaded,
We have more homemade beer,
Around a dimly lit table,
The scrabble board is our centerpiece,
Late into the night.

8 scene

We are getting cash advances,
And haggling with the tellers,
The sun is bright,
The wind is still whooshing,
There is a woman with a wind-burned face,
Power strolling up the street.

9 scene
[the bakery]

We are taking out pizza,
In paper bags,
This is Scott’s discovery,
And what a discovery! Eureka!
The oil, basil, and garlic,
Ferment among my taste-buds,
Sending wild sensations through my nostrils,
Of times dating back to the early eighties,
With grandmother at the malls.

10 scene
[dunkin donuts]

We are here to buy the Globe,
It was a short drive from the pink house,
And I know tomorrow I will walk.
We take the paper this afternoon,
And walk a block not sure how we know its’ North,
To look in on a baseball diamond,
Where an all-star game is playing out,
Senior League kids game,
They are all wearing their own teams’ jerseys,
The coffee is just right,
Iced cappuccino melting against the bricks.

11 scene
[purity market]

We are looking for groceries,
And now it is night,
The beautiful women are clubbing it in their clubs,
Or serving their coffee’s,
Tea Time has long since passed,
And the Tea is still blowing past us.

We buy Spaghetti Sauce, Pasta, and Vegetables,
Meat and Bread, A Half Gallon of Milk.
There is a half Hispanic girl at the check out,
We think, Purity, and wittingly try to impress her.
She is not impressed.
She would be even less impressed,
If we told her, that all we had between us,
Was a single mattress and two small rooms,
And a VCR, that played the only tape jammed into it,
A tape about getting jammed.

It is a long walk out to the parking lot,
Reflecting on her long dark hair,
Remembering a girl that looked like her when I was 15,
Who was a fantastic poetess,
In the glare of a television playing a vampire movie,
“Death by Stereo!” was the most important phrase for us,
And rather than have her show me the world,
I swept up glass,
And lost her in the pieces.
Until the engine started again,
And we were making our way back,
To the pink house.

12 scene
[music and cigarettes]

The smoke traveled heavily,
In thick wafers of air candy,
Over the scrabble board,
While Dark Side of The Moon,
Played out over Wayne’s stereo,
And we learned that he was a technical writer,
And checked answers against his lexiconal dictionary.

13 scene
[massachusetts ave]
We took the long walk,
Through Sommerville and Cambridge,
To visit Harvard Square,
After stopping for coffee at a Starbucks,
The first I’d ever spent time in.

14 scene
[the au bon pain]

I walked into the store with the yellow awning,
And bought two Iced Cappuccino’s,
They came with far too much whipped cream,
And cost nearly four dollars each,
Expensive for 1995,

I came out to the Square,
To find Scott playing chess with David.
David was a Harvard student from over seas,
His clothing marked him an almost Boston Native,
But there was something more trim about his silk.
I spoke to him about how often he visited the square,
As Scott took a new partner,
Likely a park resident,
An older character in a wool coat,
And watched in awe as they battled,

Like Titans in the most famed,
Gladitorial arena of the chess sphere.
To this day I cannot recall the victor,
But the struggle, piece by piece,
Move by Move,
On the surface of granite,
Took on Epic consequence,
And I knew I would one day return.

14 scene
[the snap café’]

David had told us of a Bohemian café,
Something more local than the Au Bon Pain,
A place with flavor, and style.
When we got there it was garage noir,
Black tables,
Thin, light metal chairs,
It was uncomfortable,
And non-smoking,
And we spent too much for single cups,

They required the purchase of a coffee every fifteen minutes.
It was like something I would have expected in Manhattan,
Something you don’t want to have to agree with,
People were wearing berets,
And they probably didn’t know the first thing about Kerouac,
Not that I did at the time either,
But I wasn’t pretentious enough to believe they would have paid a dime
For coffee in Styrofoam.

15 scene
[the harvard book store]

We went in and took a look around,
It was crowded,
People pushed and shoved their way to the register,
Trying desperately to take home a piece of the Boston,
That they couldn’t have.
I remember looking at the Sweat-Shirts in the window,
And burning with envy at the emblazoned logo,
That I couldn’t afford to wear,
It was cool that night,
And we were making our way to the pub we’d seen earlier.

16 scene
[the arrow pub]

Coming in made me feel like taking a coat off,
Funny that I wasn’t wearing one,
Scott was wearing a jacket and shoes,
Almost about right,
We were humans in a boiler room of pool and darts,
A place where talking to each other made more sense,
I could tell the women there were older and somehow immune to my
It was still corrupted from the memories of the Purity girl and
remembrances of Tammy,
And my fantasy video women.
So we sat and talked and watched the small television screens,
There was a Red Sox game playing out,
At that point having been blanked about baseball,
My skill in attention to it had died,
But there was always another pint,
Something to drown the missing parts of me,
That are only now merging into one.
The gates are closed,
But the Arrow Pub is open.

17 scene
[the international house of pancakes]

We waited in line for almost an hour for a seat,
And the meter ran out on the car,
The food was ok,
Coffee, and pancakes,
But it wasn’t worth the twenty dollar fine,
That I had to mail in,
That fateful evening,
The lessons about taking a car downtown,
Can be endless,
And aren’t easily taken with a grain of salt.

18 scene
[haymarket square]

The shops lining the inside of the square,
Serve food of all types,
I have been told by others,
That there is excellent Souvlaki there,
And I know for a fact,
That they have excellent sausage.
We walked through and it was like a mini-mall.

There were Equadorian pipe players in the cool wind,
Of a summer night in front of the Square,
That I watched,
As I finished my dinner,
And tipped change into a felt hat.

19 scene
[abbott staffing]

The girl from Buffalo,
Helped me set up and take a typing test,
On a small personal computer in the back,
She determined I wasn’t a quick typist,
But found me a mailroom job for 8.35 an hour anyway,
And I started work the next Monday.

20 scene
[advent International]

I took the elevator to the 18th floor on Federal St.
And found the front desk secretary.
She had the keys to the mail room ready for me,
And handed me a voucher for a cab that had already been called,
It was my job to pick up the mail at the dock.
I took the elevator back down to the cab,
And glided through the streets,
Like a fish being driven,
And the mail was in a crate,
Ready to deliver.
The driver was patient with me,
And I gave him a five dollar tip.

I took the elevator and the envelopes up,
And entered the mailroom,
Where I was taught the sorting technique,
By the front desk second in command,
They instructed me on how to weigh postage,
And stamp on the mail machine,
And how to file the faxes in the log book,
And after a few days,
I thought I might have figured it out,
To the point where I was washing dishes,
And taking the payments for one of the Vice President’s cars,
To the garage across the park,
And stopping on the way,
For Au Bon Pain’

21 scene
[central station]

In the big central rotunda,
Ticket counters line the edges,
Interspersed with McDonalds,
Burger King,
And other Quick Food establishments,
The people flow like rodents,
Quick and furious,
Through the tunnels,
I made a deal,
And I’m there to buy a ticket,
Buffalo Bound,
One Way Greyhound.

scene 22
[sitting on the bus]

I watch through the windows,
Motion begins,
With the driver’s announcement,
That we should remain seated,
While the vehicle is in motion,
New England’s trees become a blur,
And my thoughts dream,
Back to the Purity waitress,
And my Grandmother’s Pizza,
And the sweatshirts in the bookstore window,
I begin to realize all that I will bring back to Medford.

I will bring back the computer,
And the shadow,
And the Juno keyboard,
And most of my compact disc library,
Then there are all the trees again.

And then I think of the people I will have to bring back,
My Mother,
My Father,
My Brothers,
My Sister,
And I try to listen to the radio,
But it is useless,
I have to pay attention to the stops,
Here and there along the way.

And the trees are powerful and strong,
Against the vivid light of day,
And then we are suddenly in the midst of Oak Street.
And the motion Vibrates in my temples,
And the transport comes to a temporary end.

23 scene
[loading the car]

Rarely do I see,
Actual tears in my Mother’s eyes,
She stood on the porch,
As I loaded the computer, keyboard, and discs,
And a wide assortment of clothing,
Into the Shadow.

I made sure to check on the camera,
I had bought at the CVS in Boston,
In my backpack,
I kissed her,
And rolled from the gravel,


24 scene
[black maple cruise]

The road wrangled up beneath me,
And as I traveled,
I spoke in silent thought,
To my life Icon,
The maple I climbed in my yard,
God in all his splendor,
Assured its rest there,
For my hands as a child,
For my legs as a teen,
For my shade as an adult,
To be my companion during desperate moments of hope.

And the rubber was firm against the blacktop,
And the Black Cherry Shadow angled forward,
Into the rising sun,
That blistered the eyes like a burning fire,
The day wore on and the birds and the pheasantry,
Scattered into the woodlands,
At the edge of the Interstate.

And the car was like the inside of a cranked up toaster oven,
And in the moments that I stopped for soda,
I reflected on the stiffness in my aching legs.

When the toll cards were finally paid,
I knew I was back,
In the place I belonged,
The Pink House in Medford.

25 scene
[the beer mart]

I walked into the dark store,
And smelled the odor of old dry Beer,
Like the smell of,
The back room bottling department at Tops at home.

It suddenly came to mind,
That a good German beer,
Might be preferred,
By my housemates.

With the help of the shop keeper,
I settled on a nice twelve pack,
Of Grolsh bottles,
It cost roughly fifteen dollars,
And was a menace to carry,
So I loaded them into the front seat,
The green bottles rattled as I drove.

26 scene
[scrabble in the evening]

When I arrived they were playing,
Duelists locked in fiery Battle,
The smoke wafting in the rafters,
The clean face facing the beard.

He was the Bunzee man,
Furiously laying letters,
In a desperate attempt,
To forego the inevitable gloom of defeat.

I offered them Grolsh,
But they concentrated on the home brew,
So I cracked one open,
And watched the fates collide.

27 scene
[computer city saugus]

The bus dropped off,
On the side of the four lane highway,
Opposite the mall,
And I had to walk,
Across a long gated catwalk,
To finally achieve the retailer,
Where I went in and requested,
A full-time sales application.

I was dressed well,
But I was sweating in the summer afternoon,
The store was virtually empty.

The customer service clerk,
Took the completed application,
And told me to call back in a day or so.

I missed the last bus leaving the mall,
As it closed at four P.M.
So I ended up taking a Taxi,
Sharing it with a Puerto Rican woman,
And her baby,
For ten dollars flat.

28 scene
[circuit city mystic avenue]

I filled out an application,
One sunny afternoon,
Thinking I had a shoe in,
Because of my tech background.

The manager interviewed me on the spot,
But at the end of the interview,
He asked the tough question,
“Have you ever had problems with drugs or alcohol.”
I told him the sorrowful truth,
And I was not hired,
To sell Televisions or Camcorders.

29 scene
[the gillete agency]

I drove for miles and miles from Medford,
To a temp agency in Waltham,
Where I met a very upscale agent,
To discuss a potential opportunity for work with Gilette,
As a technical services representative.

It was an in-house operation,
On their internal computer network,
I was shown several diagrams,
And engineering schematics.

But I could not understand them,
Their illiteral detail,
Was not something I had ever seen before,
And so the trip,
Was an expense of fuel,
And yet another dashed hope.

30 scene
[the last days of the green tomato]

Scott cooked the vegetables up right,
He made a stir fry without the pasta,
While I surfed the Y’s and Z’s of the dictionary,
And that’s when I discovered Yohimbe.

I did a song and dance,
It was the African mint root I had chewed,
In the midst of the Chemistry mayhem,
Of December 1993,
A courtesy gift from Mark Oliver,
The DJ that I gave a couple of extra Smart Drinks,
For his Twenty Dollars Canadian.

I was riding the back of the Zebra,
Through the breathing walls of acid and dry ice fume,
And it was seven letters.

So we made the rule,
That if anyone ever scored with Yohimbe,
Or even got it in their rack,
They became an automatic Scrabble victor.

Those vegetables tasted amazing,
On the earth-ware dishes in the pink house,
And the tomatoes,
Even the green ones,
Were ripe, and full of garlic salted juice.

31 scat
[the mac world nomad spoilers arrive]

August had come,
Rent was due again,
And the Mac World Nomads knocked,
They startled the hell out of us.

He hadn’t told us they were coming,
Regardless of his reasons,
They were not welcome in my living space,
And they made themselves at home,
Unrolling their sleeping bags on the living room floor.

I had one beer with them,
Then I went to try to sleep,
But I deceived them.
I read all night,
At 5 A.M. I woke Scott in his room,
We packed the LTD and the Shadow,
And at daybreak,
Before their ratcheting eyes opened,
We were on the road,


[the tennis match]

Early on Sunday morning, one week after we arrived, I dressed as best I
could, and walked to the Methodist church between Davis Square and the
Pink House. I patiently signed my name into the guest book and sat down
to listen to the sermon. The minister was an African American woman, and
the service held was for both Unitarian and Methodist parishioners. I
listened carefully as she talked about Agape and the unification of
spiritual and philosophical forces bringing peoples lives together. At
the time I don’t think I really saw the impact of how this would impact
me, but in retrospect, I can see that it was important. It is not just
important to me, but to anyone who has a friend or relative, and that
covers just about everyone in the world. Or at least you would hope it
does. I meditated and prayed on it for a moment, and asked God to help
me find the reason why I was here. I thought mostly about finding a way
to support myself and become part of a community other than the one I
had dealt with back home,
Not realizing, that no matter where you go, you can never really leave
home. Either home comes with you, or it finds you, or it Spirits you
away. Because today, home is the Earth, Earth is where you come from,
and Earth is where you will stay. Even the cosmonauts that lost their
lives in space return to the earth as ash. Yet visions like theirs are
eternal because they are made eternal through the motions of the papers
that sift through the air of the seaside, on you guessed it, Earth.

I asked around at church to see if I could enlist in any help finding
work in Boston, and I was nudged aside by most people, except for one
kind old woman who began asking others on my behalf. Many of them
suggested reading the help wanted ads, or looking to temporary agencies,
or the unemployment office. It appears that most good God fearing people
are not the ones that have the power to instantly employ just anyone.
They work for people too and have careers to uphold and must keep to a
smart degree guarded from strangers or drifters who might upset their
ability to care for their own. This is understandable. So I took their
suggestions and worked at it a while but that all came later. The
important lesson is that drifting is something that you have to be
careful about, because even your own affiliations may not recognize you
when you journey to distant lands.

I will take you to the beginning of the tennis match. I spent a long
time walking back up the hill thinking about the sermon and the old
woman’s charitable speaking, and the coffee and cookies at church, and I
was not particularly in wonderful spirits for sharing my thoughts of the
people I had encountered because I did believe that they genuinely could
have helped me if they had wanted to. And perhaps in a way they did.
When I channeled my energy and wisdom into relaying a message of
hopefulness in the last quarter mile, I found Scott waiting for me at
the door, with two rackets in hand. He told me to go and put on some
other clothes and come and play tennis. At first I wanted to decline
because I saw this as an energy sapping activity. After all, I had just
walked four blocks up hill and had a mission to talk to him about
motivation and overcoming obstacles. I thought he was just as depressed
as I made him out to be, and I thought that he had been reading things
that were necessarily prescriptions for depression. He was always
walking around with a book written by Jean Paul Sarte’ or Albert Camus.
It isn’t until now that I realize that philosophy, reason, and
metaphysics are all connected. In a spiritual sense, he must have been
working toward his own awakening of being. Just quietly, and in
considerately. And so I changed, thinking that it wasn’t going to do me
much good. After all, how can you give a sermon, if you are choking your
way after a green ball?

I played as well as I could, but I knew that I would never defeat him,
at a game he had grown up playing. So I struck the ball when I could,
and the energy flipped out of my hands and over the net into his court.
Every once in a while I would score a point, but it wasn’t often that I
would achieve love on my side of the score sheet. So I conceded that if
victory had to be his on this count, it would define it that he was
champion. But he was never overly smug about his game play. He simply
wanted me to remember that we played the game and had an opportunity to
enjoy an almost resort like living. Our house wasn’t even a block from
the court, and there was no charge to play. And the baseball games were
gratis, being a community sport, if we wanted to watch. So there was
something going on. But I couldn’t exactly see it at the time. Now I
think that I can say it without fear and without enmity from anyone. The
truth is, that agape and spirituality apply to everyone, and that these
mergences of common experience are not coincidence, but a part of the
nature of God working through nature. There can be love of a spiritual
kind among men, without the necessity of abomination or contact. And so
I say clearly, that in the tennis match of life, I found Love for Scott,
as a brother, and fellow human, and look toward him as a good man to
obtain knowledge from, or share knowledge with, or even possibly find
wisdom through.

Some might call this comradeship, I cannot attest specifically to this,
because I believe that communism is steeped in hatreds too old to be
viewed as plausible for a leading existence in modern social action. I
will call it only what it is. Love. Comradeship implies leadership in a
cause. And there is no cause, greater than that of the Son of God who
died for our sins, also named aptly, Love. I find brotherhood through
his suffering, and know that I too suffer, and that everyone who has
lived a day since Rome began to burn has suffered. And today, we are
still in the fires of that fallen Empire. We are also however in the
light of God, and through Love, as I would share with my Father, or My
Brothers, or my Sister, or my Mother, or any of my Aunts, Uncles, or
Cousins, we may all be healed again.

May we all have awakenings similar to games as great as these.

posted by Christopher at 6:01 AM

Interesting to note, that I wrote this over the span of only 1 day as memory fragments that I saw appearing in ee cummings work. He did some hard coding with the [] stuff and I kind of liked that stylistically. An interesting note also is that we played a game of Scat in our early days which was a game of cards up to 31 rather than 21, as in Blackjack. I believe that it was an idle invention but one that served as a unison for those of us that knew the game. Now, I still am not certain of all of the rules we made up but we did make up rules for other games. For example, Scrabble, which can have the seven letter word Yohimbe scrawled in it. Automatic victory went to any opponent to get the word even into their rack, for reasons, you may or may not hhave already discovered.

I'm just getting overly verbose here. There are huge chunks of my life that I am just beginning to remember in a prismatic effect, due to the large quantities of drugs I took in the 90s. And am still taking in a manner of speaking for my "depression" remember the curse of Yoric. To be a jester in a sane world is not a welcome thing.

Pray for the world kids, because we're going on a magic carpet ride, remastered by Fat Boy Slim.
I think I've made a new internet friend today. His name is Bruce. I also think he lives close to here and is a Shakespearean actor. It wouldn't surprise me at any rate. It sounds like he might even be involved with the Stratford festival. I am glad he has picked up on my work and it has been entertaining for him to some degree.

I think that I will write him a few more letters to find out. It might be interesting to take a date to Stratford sometime. She would have to be someone literate like my fiery Alexis, who I have no chance of getting, or someone who can see past my shell.

It seems awful to me now in a way that I am trapped in so many senses by a girth that is so often shown as unhealthy on television, but then I am a product of McDonalds ads aren't I? After all I worked there, I deserve the job of consuming McFood.

My friends from McDonalds were in the establishment the other night and they were cool to see. As were some new ones who seem to try to pick up where they leave off. More to come on them in the coming days.

Well, I've read and written more articles than I can respond to in any reasonable amount of time. I posted about 30 messages on a new group called rockmusicinterviews. On Yahoo. It seems to be a fairly active group and one that could take off if nurtutured.

Who knows.

Further notes on the difference engine - Lady Ada Byron - Charles mistress was noted as the first computer programmer - She was the woman who gave him the idea for punched cards for the command and control of his speculated computer.

-Chris Bradley
The Difference Engine
The Difference Engine is a novel about Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Byron. Computer Science students know Charles Babbage as the inventor who came up with the idea of a programmable computer. Charles Babbage was never actually able to create a working prototype of his Analytical Engine which would have been made of steam operated gears and levers. A model is located in the Smithsonian. The Difference Engine is a work of speculative science fiction. It describes what the Industrial Revolution might have looked like in Britain if Babbage had succeeded. The Difference Engine was written by both William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Snow Mistletoe,
Wreaths and Trees,
Dogs, Cats, And Family,
We All Join In Christmas Glee,

Aunts, Uncles, And
Christmas Fare,
Santa's Here,
So Please Beware,

He might just knock,
Over the reclining Chair,
If you should fall,
Asleep with care.

He's bringing toys,
To girls and boys,
And hearty cheer to some,
The rest,
Get stockings full of coal,
Or packs of bubble gum.

I was visiting the web collage tonight and I came across this wild photo collection of cats.

Check it out:
Merry Christmas, the jolly old fool is finally here, and the Pope is or has been on TV. Glad to hear you are all well. I hear Pat is into checking out Lord of The Rings tomorrow and Scott is fast asleep. Dossier boy Joe is too busy to pick up the phone. Cest La Vie.

Any way, I've been enjoying tonight with my family and my Mom made my favorite food tonight for dinner, Cajun Shrimp pasta, and I was glad to have 4 servings...! No wonder I can't lose the pounds.

Her cookies are just coming out of the oven, and she just offered me a fresh coconut gumdrop. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Stay fresh and cool in the voidspace.


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Lunch at the Homestyle Buffett with my mother, my brother Dan and my other Brother was good today. We had BBQ Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghetti with Marinera Sauce, Breadsticks, Ice Cream With Hot Fudge Syrup, and Plenty of Coke A Cola.

My brother told me of his interest in the new Macintosh computers. It looks like he is inclined toward purchasing one soon.
He says they have a better crash performance than IBM clones.

I am inclined to agree, but the cost comparison is not realistic.
Especially when you consider the price of software. Who knows though?
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
The Dark Richmond Pub
by Christopher J. Bradley

Reminiscent of a place,
that you could only dream to be near,
As a punk of the seventies,
I lean over the wooden brass railed bar,

My gut hanging out like a giant meatloaf,
I drink a swig of two dollar beer,
And think of times,
That date back to my perfect day,

A day irrepressible,
Because it brought me these words,
She was perfect,
And yet somehow with every lucid thought,
I make her a shame to me,
A holy loss that can never be replaced.

If I meet her again,
With the lady who lives for Christmas,
I will know I am never lost,
Or am I just opening,

A new leaf of mercury.

# posted by Christopher @ 5:53 AM
Now I'm back from a quick shopping and delivery trip. I bought my friend a copy of Neuromancer for Christmas. I hope he gets it, I ended up dropping it at the front desk of Chrysler. It was my understanding that he wouldn't be in until later in the day, and I knew we needed the car back for Mom to get to work. My brothers and She have gone shopping down at the Factory Outlet and for Groceries, so I don't expect to see them for an hour, but I think that all in all, everyone will be present and accounted for by dinner time.

Mom's Soup was incredible for dinner last night.

I just got done burning a copy of a Yellowstone CD for my mom. She likes the sounds of Nature on it. I am glad to say I've heard it before and I like it as well. Now maybe I'll listen to it in the car sometime.

Mom thinks I should get a haircut. Everyone seems to think I need one. I'd much rather grow it and so I think I am just going to do that. So what if I look like a Chia Head for a couple weeks?

Everything will shape up in January. I am certain of that.

Well, I'm back from another night out at the Essex St. Pub and I can say one thing about that place, the Bartender is Smokin' with a capital S. She could be my superwoman any day, but I'd rather see her go with my friend so that I can get with her friend, the ultra literary and equally smokin Alexis. Alexis is on Fire with her working knowledge of Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, Maya Angelou and more others than I can count. I even think she has some Latin in her background which is a super plus. If I have a crush, it's serious. I only wish I had a chance to have her over at the house for Christmas. I very much am saddened by Christmases without romance. The two lend to each other so well. I think of warm socks and sweaters that time of year, and relaxing on the couch with hot chocolate to watch movies like White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life.

Maybe if I am lucky, Santa will bring her to me,
Somehow though, I don't think he can materialize a human being.

You never know, he came through with my Lego's when I was a kid.

"Fell In Love With A Girl" by The White Stripes comes to mind.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone...


Sunday, December 21, 2003

Cardozo Law School study on calling Ashcroft a "General"

I got a kick out of this one, maybe you will too.
This was in the USA Today
Green Politics Made Easy!
Mass Media At It's Best - Tune In To The 100 channel

Western New York Informer Voice
This is some serious stuff to look into later - The Iconography of St. Sebastian. Good Christmas Material!


This is the most comprehensive collection of Catholic Art I have ever seen. It's almost as if he is immortalized in his people's devotion to his fine replication.

This leads me to think about the French philosopher I was reading yesterday on VoidShokz about the nature of communication and the motion of the Holy Spirit through everyone and everything.
Here is a perfect example of the hypermarket of the information economy. I pulled this out of the web collage without even typing text.

Johnny Depp Mousepads

These are some law school notes I want to read later

This is a pretty cool collection of photo gallery stuff...

I've been in a blaze of postings and writings today I know, but I just caught an article on the origin of diamonds that is of note

Manisha Koirala is one of the most beautiful actresses I have ever seen. She deserves a relocation from Bollywood to Hollywood!
The following are links to my three books in Adobe Acrobat Format:


Several Excerpts Are Interactive From This Site As Well.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Noise Control Publishing


Tone Def Archives

By Artist

808 State
808 State is a techno band. The album that I have, has a song called Pacific on it. It was their most famous song until about 1994 when Time Bomb was released as a single. 808 State has toured with Meat Beat Manifesto.

Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin is a techno artist. I have seen him perform live in Toronto. The Atlantis rave was on Queen Street. I went to see the show with my friend Steve. Steve, and Steve's brother, some Canadian girls, and I, used to spend a lot of time at Nightclubs, Bars, and Raves. The Aphex Twin played alongside Orbital and Moby. I thought that at that particular show, The Aphex Twin, was the best artist. His music made my ears scream, it was impossible not to move. The first of his works that I heard was called Digeridoo. I have a copy of the song on a pirated CD produced by the Nitrous rave organization (DJ's Ian, Don Berns, and Chris Sheppard). I also have a copy of The Aphex Twin's I Care Because You Do CD. The sounds on the album are very mettalic. I obtained it for half price from a coffee clerk that was selling off free CD's that the coffee shop was getting. The Aphex Twin's new music video Come To Daddy is very disturbing. I think it makes a very concrete statement about the role of the television in our lives. I hope to hear more from the Aphex Twin.

Atari Teenage Riot
Atari Teenage Riot is a very new German band. They call their style of music Digital Hardcore. It is a mixture of Industrial, Techno, and Punk. I saw a short article about them on MTV and heard part of one of their songs and decided to buy the album. I like a couple of the songs, but I don't think that America is ready for Atari Teenage Riot yet. I'll keep listening.

Cake is a band that I got interested in because of a visit to a coffee shop near my old school (University at Buffalo). The coffee shop is called Stimulance (Main St. Buffalo). They played part of the album while I was drinking a Mocha Coffee and I heard the song, "The Distance." I like the song because it reminds me of the time that I was working for a very high pressure company. It reminds me of the types of people that I worked with, and startlingly, a little bit of the person that I used to be. If you haven't heard this album (Fashion Nugget), you should try to steal it from a friend.

Clock DVA is the Industrial band of Industrial bands. I bought one of their albums in 1992 only to have it stolen in 1994. The album, Buried Dreams, featured a fully naked sleeping (usually called dead) woman on the cover. The album contains samples that sound like surveillance recordings of creepy conversations. I read about Clock DVA in keyboard magazine in one of their many industrial articles of the late eighties and early nineties.

Concrete Blonde
I have one album by Concrete Blonde. It is called Bloodletting. I picked it out as one of my selections for a BMG music club subscription. I selected it because I liked the song Joey which was playing a lot on the local toronto radio station CFNY 102.1. I was highly influenced by the music on CFNY in 1990. It was the closest I got to hearing what was being played on MTV which I didn't have for 10 years and which I am now finally getting a chance to listen to. I like several of her other songs, but I think she was definitely finished by 1993.

Consolidated is a band that is usually called stylistically Industrial, even though at least half of their music is completely different than most Industrial music. Consolidated is a culture jamming band. If you look carefully in magazines and newspapers about art, you will find a definition of culture jam work. They do not like being called a Rock and Roll band, you'll have to listen to their first album to understand what to call them. Their second album, titled Friendly Facism incorporates elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, and House. Their second album seems as though it were written for an audience of people that only exists in San Fransisco. If you have an open mind, you will find Consolidated very stimulating. They are very conservative about their liberalism. I still listen to them on occasion, but I've mellowed out a lot, and I plan to get mellower.

Corey Hart
I started listening to Corey Hart when I was in fifth grade. It is a strange addiction that I doubt will ever end. I've been able to put away the drugs, the alcohol, and the cigarettes, but not the Corey Hart. I still hear Sunglasses at Night bouncing around inside of my head. I have his first four albums, most of them were on tape. Someday when I am rich, I will buy all of his albums and force my future children to listen to them. Corey Hart is, was, and will be the coolest Canadian on Earth.

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Hall and Oates were one of the first groups I listened to in 4th grade. I got a tape of them through a record club for free and spent many hours listening to Rock and Soul part 1. It has to have been one of the greatest Greatest Hits compilations of all time.

David Bowie
I don't think that there is a music fan alive that doesn't know who David Bowie is. I remember seeing him in a movie called Labyrinth when I was in grade school. I didn't really start listening to his music until 1995 when my friend Scott started playing all of his old albums for me. My favorite album, the only one I own right now, is Ziggy Stardust. I plan to buy another copy of it in the future because the one that I have is the soundtrack to the movie Ziggy Stardust, and I want the original music. I really like the video for "I'm Afraid of Americans." I would have bought the album, but my English teacher told me that the version on the album is not the same one that is in the video. I want to wait until the Trent Reznor mix is available before I buy it.

Depeche Mode
I own seven Depeche Mode albums, and I have been to see them in concert twice. Depeche Mode was one of the first bands that I realized that I had a specific taste for in High School. I heard People are People played on the radio one night during Christmas vacation and realized that I had liked Depeche Mode since the early eighties but had never realized who they were. A couple of weeks later, in school, I saw someone bring a copy of Depeche Mode 101 to school. I went immediately to the store and bought it, and I have been listening to Depeche Mode ever since. I have a bias toward music that is produced electronically (if you haven't noticed already) because I play keyboards and the piano. The Depeche Mode Albums that I have are 101, Black Celebration, Catching Up With Depeche Mode, A Broken Frame, Violator, Songs of Faith and Devotion, and ULTRA. Depeche Mode has had a very serious loss in that they no longer have Alan Wilder, the keyboard player that worked out the bulk of the harmonic musical segments of their work. I think that if they do not replace him, they will find that their sales drop off dramatically. I think that it would be really nice if they could just invite him back. In any case, I still think that their music is very good. In many ways, their music portrays Renaissance ideals and shows us a vision of Europe's future.

Divynils were a short lived phenomenon. I ordered their record because I couldn't find anything else that I liked on the CD club stamps. They were a last choice. I selected them because of Touch Myself. How can you complain about a girl talking about masturbating in her songs? It's too bad they haven't made more records. The could some day be as cool as Vanilla Ice.

My first experience with DMX was through a friend at work. He sold me a burned CD with the uncut version of “Party Up” on it, and I began to truly realize the awesome groove of this Hip Hop master. I know I will be listening to his stuff for quite some time to come. My favorite of his tracks currently is “They don’t know who we be…”

Duran Duran
I have liked Duran Duran since their beginnings, but I liked them a lot more for a short time. They had two albums that I bought. One was called Big Thing. It is my opinion that Big Thing is their best album. I like the pictures of America that they create with it. The other album that I like is called Liberty. The songs on Liberty are good, but not as good as the songs on Big Thing. The song Rio, from an album that I do not own, always reminds me of playing Atari 2600 video games with my friend Joe in 5th grade.

I listened to Eminem for nearly 2 months straight, during a long voyage to NYC and at subsequent residences. I think his work is telling and depicts well, the disenfranchisement of young adult’s who’ve had to work McJobs like myself.

Eon's album Void Dweller easily made it's way into my CD collection in 1993. The song The Spice had been playing for two years on the Saturday Night Dance Party on CFNY 102.1 before Eon's album had been made available in Canada (I did a lot of record shopping in Toronto). The Spice is based on the movie Dune, with Kyle Laughlin and Sting. Any science fiction fan would recognize the samples in it instantly. I liked the strange keyboard sounds and early breakbeat drum rhythms he used in his work.

Front 242
Front 242 is an impressive keyboard band. I read about them in Keyboard magazine. The magazine article said that they had opened for Depeche Mode at concerts in Europe. I bought a copy of Front By Front from Cavages, a mall record store that no longer exists. My favorite song from the album is Headhunter. In 1990 I found their first major label record called Tyranny For You at a record store in Williamsville, and bought it right away. The cover for the album is very impressive, it is a computer edited photograph of what looks like a man's head pushing out of a broken automotive windshield. The album was incredible, and I ended up going to see them in concert in Toronto with my friend Rob and a girl named Charlene (who should be on my list of ex-girlfriends). At the concert, I saw my first taste of real computer animation on a large video projection screen. The picture that was on the cover of the Tyranny album was contorting in and out of the screen. I bought a couple of other albums after the Tyranny Album, but I didn't like them as much. They were the two albums with the coded messages on the front, and neither one had particularly memorable music on it. Front 242 may someday adapt to work their music into popular culture, they will be interesting to hear if they do. Right now, they're just selling remixes though. I'm not sure if it's their fault, or Sony Music's fault.

Front Line Assembly
I don't know much at all about front line assembly. I have one of their albums. The music was industrial music, but it seemed like pale music. The music didn't have the same depth that other industrial music that I was listening to had. I bought the album at Wax Trax at the same time I bought Cyberaktiv. I hope that in the future, bands like Front Line Assembly adapt into more productive, more organic entities. I hope that their music evolves with the technology and fights it's way back into the techno or digital hardcore genre's.

Guns N' Roses
Guns 'N Roses is one of the few rock bands that I like. I only have one of their tapes, Welcome To The Jungle. I like almost every song on the album. Each of the songs is a different depiction of the ugly realities of urban life in cities like New York. The songs on Welcome To The Jungle remind you of how nice it is not to live in a nightmare world where the underground rules with a pair of iron jaws. I like a couple of songs off of the albums that were released in 1991, like November Rain, and Civil War. I am not a big fan of the racist content of a couple of their songs, but hey, everyone has good days, and bad days. Meeting certain people recently has reminded me how important it is to have a little bit of hard rock in your collection.

Iggy Pop
I have never been a big Iggy Pop fan. Iggy Pop apparently has been around for a long time. The first time I heard him mentioned was on a computer bulletin board system. The second time I saw his name, was in a BMG records catalog. His name was one of the 10 that I selected. I have enjoyed his album Brick by Brick for many years since, because of classic mainstream hits like Butttown, and P**sy Power. CD cases aren't big enough to stop doors with are they?

Information Society
Information Society was one of my favorite bands of all time, until I discovered techno in 1992. Their music was very technically well done. They mentioned Mirrorshades in a 1990 album called Hack (Mirrorshades is a cyberpunk short story collection). Their music was a combination of New York House music and what we call Techno today. I had both of their albums. I have not heard about any of their music since the early ninties, but I haven't had MTV for 10 years either. I hope that they are still out there working on another musical scheme.

Inner City
Inner City is a detroit techno house band. I bought their CD in 1993. I bought the CD because I was told that they were very good by a very reputable source, one of the engineers for Transmat, a small record label in Detroit. Inner City is very good, the album that I have is called Praise. I like the futuristic bass and keyboard sounds that they use. I also like a lot of the reverberating electronic sounds that they use. Their lyrics are focussed on positive perceptions of future technology. There will be a time in the future, that I devote to collecting other music by Inner City.

I was lucky to obtain a copy of Who Will Save Your Soul? for free. I got it with the purchase of several cups of coffee at my favorite Buffalo coffee shop of that era (1995) the Topic Cafe'. I like her new song Foolish Games also. I don't own any of her albums yet, because I'm focussing on building my rock collection right now, but I am sure that in a couple of years I will be buying her CD's. I think that Jewel has been doing some very noteworthy things in terms of her philanthropy and interest in humanist ideals.

Josh Joplin Group
Josh Joplin Group is a new one. I know very little about them except that they are produced by Shawn Mullins and have one of the finest pieces of work to date, currently playing on the radio. It is titled “Camera One” and it makes you feel as if you are part of something larger than yourself. I guess that’s why I like them and why I bought their album nearly immediately after seeing them in Barnes and Noble and on MTV2.

Kate Bush
Kate Bush is a performance artist who has worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel and other world artists. She is very talented and I just recently acquired an MP3 of “Running up that hill” which is a classic 80’s new wave anthem. I heard a lot about her from my poetry and literature instructors at NCCC. They really liked her.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus
MC 900 Foot Jesus is another one of those artists that I found in Keyboard magazine. He has produced three pretty good albums that I know of. I only own one of them because I don't have the resources to collect everything that I would like to. The album that I have is called Hell With The Lid off. It is a jazzy, hip hop/industrialist, work that has many well thought out constructions that depict life in a huge urban city. I am not sure what city MC 900 Foot Jesus is from, but I would guess that he is from New York or Chicago. The funniest piece on Hell With The Lid off is called Spaceman. It is about a man devoted to collecting cans to buy his next bottle of alcohol. You have to feel for some people.

MC Hammer
I listened to MC Hammer quite a lot while working at a Pizza shop called Fatso’s Pizza on Military Road where Mighty Taco now stands. The place no longer exists, but I remember listening to the album with “You can’t touch this” on it many times while washing dishes and waiting for orders to drive out with the other Italian and African kitchen help.

Meat Beat Manifesto
Meat Beat Manifesto is a Chicago style industrial band. I made a special trip to Wax Trax in Chicago when Wax Trax was the industrial authority in the US. The album that I purchased at Wax Trax was called Armed Audio Warfare. It has a lot of interesting samples and drum loops. I don't think that the members of Meat Beat Manifesto could ever have predicted that drum loop music would evolve into the forms of Bass and Drum and Jungle that exist within the techno genre. I purchased the album 99% in 1992 at a store called Record Theater in Buffalo. 99% is one of my favorite CD's of all time. I consider it the second best industrial CD that I have in my collection. The best industrial CD in my collection is Skinny Puppy's Rabies.

Ministry is a band whose values I am not a major endorser of, but whose music was important to the development of a lot of modern electronic music and cyberpunk stylings. I would have to say that I first heard of them in my Junior year of high school when playing keyboards with a skateboarding friend. “Stigmata” is on the sound track for Rumble in The Bronx, a great Jackie Chan movie. “Every Day is Halloween” is vintage goth 80’s disco.

I have one album by Moev titled Moev. The song I remember best on the album is called “Head Down.” It was about keeping a positive attitude amongst negativity. It got thumbs up from me, but was not quite as current as I would have liked and I haven’t listened to it in a while. It’s still worth mentioning though, and you might want to try to look them up in digital format.

Nelly is a rapper that takes up all the fresh groove of the new Millennium. He has so much caged energy, I think he could probably stop a train by flashing his eyelids. I would definitely like to see him go somewhere with his talent and not fall out of sight like so many other rap stars of the moment have. Here’s to Nelly with a bottle of Crys…

Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails best album ever was the first. Trent really put his whole heart into making “Pretty Hate Machine” and I think it was reflected well in the quality, tonality, and personality of the production. I don’t think he pulled any punches and I think he really meant what he intended to say. I think that on some of his later albums he lost the message a little bit but there are still some bright spots in his career. His work on the soundtrack of “The Crow,” “The Perfect Drug” from Lost Highway and his Remix of Queen’s “Get Down Make Love” are my favorites. I also like his remix of Bowie’s “I’m afraid of Americans.”

I have nearly every album Oasis has ever produced in the studio. I really like Noel Gallagher’s voice and I think their work has only enhanced my taste for other groups of the same Genre. They fit in well with the Beatles, Stone Roses, and Blur, all of which my friend Scott has gone to great pains to introduce me to. I can only thank him again for broadening my horizon’s somewhat. “Don’t Go Away” from Be Here Now, and “Wonderwall” are my two favorite Oasis songs of all time.

I picked up an Oingo Boingo album at Cavages years ago because I had read that Danny Elfman, the soundtrack keyboardist from Batman, and several other works including The Nightmare before Christmas and BeetleJuice, was a member of the band in Keyboard magazine. I was fortunate that I found the album, because now looking for an album by this band is pretty rough going. I haven’t seen anything from them in a long while. I can’t at the moment recall any song titles but I can tell you that their work is of the first order of greatness.

I may have bought the Orchastral Maneuvers in the Dark CD at about the same time as Oingo boingo. If I remember correctly, their work was on the sound track for Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald. I really enjoyed their album, there is a lot of good string and keyboard work on it. One piece I remember distinctly is titled “Enola Gay,” which is about the plane which dropped the first atomic bomb.

Pet Shop Boys
The Pet Shop boys are another band you read a lot about in Keyboard Magazine. They are very talented and wrote work that appeared in a made for TV movie called the “Billionaire Boys Club.” The album I have by them is titled Behavior and it came out in the early 1990s. Two of my favorite tracks on that album are “Jealousy” and “October Symphony.” “Let’s make lot’s of money….”

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel is the most amazingly cool artist of all time. He values using instruments and people from all parts of the world and all different cultures in his music. He has two albums that I have had the privilage of owning at one time or another. They are titled “So” and “Us.” So came out in the 80’s and unleashed the monster hits “SledgeHammer” and “Big Time” and was at the top of the charts for a really long time. Peter Gabriel was originally the lead vocalist for Genesis until they broke up and re-formed with Phil Collins. Us had a great track on it titled “Digging in the dirt.” Unfortunately I lost that album somewhere. It’ll be a while until I get around to buying it again. I also like some of his older work like “Shock The Monkey” and “Solsbury Hill”

Pink Floyd
I don’t think any band of it’s time has had more of an impact on my thinking than Pink Floyd. The first time I spent any time listening to what they had to say was after a party at a friends house where he insisted we listen to a concert and have a beer. This happened during the time when I was working for McDonalds and my views weren’t really all that developed yet, but in some ways, they really did make a little bit of sense. And they weren’t entirely electronic, which was kind of cool and unique to me. “The Wall” has inspired a good amount of my writing and I find myself wanting to refer to it quite a bit. It is such a complex piece though that you have to specify your reference point because otherwise, just saying “The Wall” would some how take away from the fact that historically it has been one of the most significant works of the twentieth century. I also listened to “Dark Side of the Moon” quite a bit during my one month visit to Boston while playing scrabble and drinking premium beers like Grolsch…

Plastikman is a band from Detroit headed up by Ritchie Hawtin who is not only a great musician but a really cool individual. I had the opportunity to meet him once on his tour bus when his project was called Cybersonik with Plus 8 records. He helped me get my girlfriend into a concert when she forgot her ID for an over 19 show. He was very charismatic and aloof and I think that if I met him again he would probably remember me, he’s just that kind of guy. His work is very creative and takes many different forms. His projects have led to the creative output of others and his record label is one of the best in the Techno arena. I own several of his Vinyl EP’s and a couple of CD’s. One track that I really like is titled “Helikopter.” Ritchie is also one of the world’s finest Disc Jockey’s.

Poe is a band that unfortunately has recently had some problems with her Record label. I have always liked her though. I think she is probably most remembered for her rendition of “I’d Die For You” from the modern version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. However my favorite song by her is “Angry Johnny.” From her first self titled album.

Psychedelic Furs
The Psychedelic Furs were a band that were really popular with some girls I knew in Junior High school. I let the record club send me a copy of one of their albums when I saw they were the selection of the month and they were very good, but more of a band that as I suspected, “Chicks would dig…”

Public Enemy
When I lived in Chicago for 6 months, I was fortunate to have a roommate who had very diverse tastes in music. One of his favorite Rap groups was Public Enemy. I sort of adopted his liking for East Coast rap while I was there and have never given it up since. I have several Public Enemy Albums. My two favorites are “It takes a Nation of Millions” with “Don’t Believe The Hype” and “Channel Zero” and “Music In Our Mess Age” with “Death of a Car Jacka” and “Runnin’ outta time..”

I used to have a Queensryche album. I sold it on e-bay in desperation when I was really short on cash. If I had been able to, I would have liked to have kept it. The album was called “Empire” with the tracks “Jet City Woman” and “Sweet Lucidity.” I am glad to have been alive to hear their guitar technique. They really are great artists. I remember listening to them a lot in my sophomore year of high school while working for Burger King and Tops.

Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine is an unrelenting trip into the guerrilla. I am a really big fan of them and am currently searching for a mix up they did with KRS-One. If you have it, please e-mail me. I have “Evil Empire” and “The Battle of Los Angeles” and I wrote an almost 20 page poem as a result of listening to “Sleep Now in The Fire,” a great anti-capitalist anthem.

This is one of Peter Hook’s side projects. I have recently had some discussions with people on message bases on Yahoo! About Revenge and it seems that this project was not particularly well liked among musicians. But as both a listener and composer, I found it to be a fine piece of work, and I don’t think that the project was a wasted effort by any stretch of the imagination.

In my freshman year of high school, I listened to a lot of Rush and really could get into their whole Zen spirituality thing. They had a lot going on, almost more than you could absorb. They were very prolific and I could only afford a few of their cassette tapes. I had Hold Your Fire and Presto and had a chance to hear Power Windows, and Moving Pictures. My friend Pat also likes them as did a lot of people we went to high school with at the time. Give in to the Tao and learn.

Sarah McLachlan
I have been a closet fan of Sarah McLachlan ever since the first time I heard Posession. I am a keyboard player, so I have a natural interest in the complex piano parts of songs like Posession. Sarah's voice is very interesting, and she deserves credit for being able to play and sing certain songs at the same time. I bought her new album Surfacing in the first week of December. I like Surfacing, especially the songs that have actually been played on Music Television, Building a Mystery and Sweet Surrender. I have yet to take the time to look at the music videos that come on the CD in multimedia format. I plan to work on that when I am finished with all of these reviews.

Skinny Puppy
I had a few albums by Skinny Puppy too. I am sad to say I sold one, but I still have two left. I had Rabies, 12” Anthology, and Cleanse Fold and Manipulate. I lost a few bucks on the e-bay transaction for Cleanse Fold, but I think the owner of the album at present is probably enjoying it, so I don’t see the transaction as a waste. Cevin Key was one of the most instrumental in launching cyberpunk into modern techno and a lot of electronic music has benefited from his influence. Including some of my own.

Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray is kind of a pop band now, but I really liked the Hip Hop/Reggannana vibe they had going with that track “Fly” at the beginning of 1999. It was exciting and memorable and I still hum along with it whenever I hear the tune on the radio.

The Beatles
The Beatles have to be included in this list because a music list without them is not a music list. I must have been influenced musically by them 2 generations ago and still going strong. My most recent Beatles acquisitions are an MP3 of Helter Skelter and a couple of tracks from The Magical Mystery Tour. I do believe that John was re-incarnated in Noel Gallagher.

The Charlatans UK
The Charlatans UK are a fun band. I went to see them in Hamilton Ontario (Canada) in 1992 during the summer with my friend Scott. My favorite song by the Charlatans is Weirdo. I am not sure which album Weirdo is on, Scott would be able to tell you that, he's the one that owns their albums, unfortunately, Scott doesn't have a web page yet (We're working to get him involved in this whole net scene). The concert in Hamilton was memorable. The only beer available for purchase cost six dollars and fifty cents and was in quart sized cans. There was a lot of jumping into the mosh pit going on, and there were a lot of cute young girls wearing shirts that said Weirdo on them.

The Cure
I only own one album by The Cure. It is a greatest hits album called Mixed Up. I bought the album after seeing the video for the song Lullaby and hearing the song Fascination Street a number of times on the radio. I have never worn white face paint, except on one Haloween, and that was when I was seven years old. However, the girl that introduced me to The Cure was wearing white face paint when I saw her at the Depeche Mode concert that I was supposed to drive her to. I like all of the songs on Mixed Up, but my favorites are Fascination Street and Never Enough. I haven't been interested in anything that The Cure has done since Mixed Up.

The Future Sound of London
My favorite techno band to date is The Future Sound of London. There is one particular memory that I have of one of their songs that I will never forget. Unfortunately, I can't share that memory with you unless I know you directly. My belief is that the best song that they have ever written is called Papua New Guinea. It was released in a CD album format in the United States in 1996 on the album called Accellerator. Accellerator is a good album, but it is a compilation of the Future Sound of London's old work. I think that the best album that they have released is called Lifeforms on the Astralwerks label. I also have ISDN, released in 1995, and Dead Cities released in 1996. With the exception of a pirate video that contains part of the music of Moscow, the only Future Sound of London video I have ever seen is We Have Explosive. I would like to see more of their videos. If any of you know where I can order one inexpensively, please send me an e-mail.

The Jesus And Mary Chain
I am not a collector of Jesus and Mary Chain albums, but I own one of them. Reverence happened to be released at about the time that I was looking to get involved in going to a lot of concerts and experimenting with my musical tastes a little bit. The album that I own is called Honey's Dead. A lot of the songs on the album have some very interesting guitar pieces in them. My friend Scott owns a lot more of The Jesus and Mary Chain's stuff. He likes Kill Surf City. I saw The Jesus and Mary Chain live at Lollapalooza 2 in the summer of 1992. I think they were stoned, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

The Mighty Lemon Drops
The Mighty Lemon Drops are a band that my girlfriend from the summer of 1988 introduced me to. They really sound like Lemon Drops. She also introduced me to a lot of Woodstock stuff and a couple other unmentionables. I keep this disc in my collection as a memory of the great times we had together even though I regret my loss of her. She really was a wonderful person. From what I hear she currently lives and works somewhere on the East Coast.

The Notorious B.I.G.
It started as a joke that we liked Notorious BIG and then turned into a ridiculous name game where eventually I was called “The Notorious CJB” by quite a few. Now that I actually listen to him a little bit I realize that the man did have some true wisdom. Take for instance “The Ten Crack Commandments” which indicate the ten most important rules to follow when entering the drug trade. Or “Victory” with Puffy where the family really becomes one. Notorious was always the man and always will be.

The Police
The Police are a great band. They are also a band I was exposed to at a very early age. I listened to them in third grade and had an album by them at age 9. The album was “Synchronicity” and really had quite an impact on me. I had never thought about things like the Loch ness monster, self induced pain, or dysfunctional family life before. They really put quite a bit of thought into their subject matter and drove their points home, sarcastic or otherwise. “Every Breath you Take” will always be one of my favorite love songs.

The Prodigy
The Prodigy didn’t start out looking quite as grimy as its’ current incarnation is. I remember the rave anthems “Charlie” and “Out of Space” which were considered to be happy house and had a very Reggae breakbeat feel. When they developed their most recent album “fat of the land” it seemed they wanted to leave the happiness behind and go for a more startling political image for the sake of selling records in America. They accomplished what they set out to do and are currently among the top most celebrated techno artists in America. But do they deserve it? Let’s see what they do next.

The Shamen
The Shamen were an incredible group until they lost one of their members in a diving accident. They released several versions of a great track called “Move any Mountain” which is very “Up” techno. It can really bring you out of a bad mood quick. Another great track on their first album was called “Hyperrreal” another that I would recommend you put on your lists if you get a chance to. I wish I’d had a chance to see them in concert. I liked them almost as much as I liked Information Society.

The Smiths
The Smiths are still only about five years old in my world. I never listened to them much until around 1995 but I do like them. I went to see Morrissey in concert in Toronto and the show really rocked. I have a nice collection of Morrissey and Smith’s tracks and plan to keep collecting them as time goes on. And if they give me another shot at seeing the whole band then who knows, maybe I’ll shell out the massive cash…”How soon is now” is my favorite song by the smiths. “Lost” by Morrissey takes a close second.

The Stone Roses
I wrote an entire poem about a situation involving the Stone Roses’ music and my friend’s liking of them. It would seem that they do have a significant fan base around here because they do play them on the radio from time to time. I really like “Fool’s Gold,” “Adored,” and most of the album that those two are on. All I had was a really beat up tape of those tracks though. But I used to play it nightly while working in the Audio Visual Maintenance dept. of the local college.

Tori Amos
Tori Amos is the most Rockin’ southern vocalist to ever walk the earth, and she’s got red hair to boot. She has made all the right moves and has really got a great career to show for her hard work. I have got “Little Earthquakes,” “Boys for Pele,” and “Songs from the Choirgirl hotel.” All three of these albums are spectacular stand alone works and I definitely recommend them. My favorite tracks are “Precious things,” and “Thoughts of Maryanne.” She has a knack for playing multiple keyboards, harpsichords, and pianos, while belting out her songs at the top of her beautifully formed lungs…

U2 is a rock band that has been around since the early 1980s and has done quite a lot to demonstrate their value for peace over war. The only album I have ever owned by them is “Achtung Baby.” I went to a record release party for it in downtown Chicago and we as Fraternity brothers probably bought 12 copies in one night, if not more. I like all of their classics and all of their modern tracks. There is not a single song they have written that has been unappealing to me, and that frightens me to a slight degree, because I don’t know if I will ever be able to collect everything that they have produced with their tendency to produce track after track after track. I give “New Year’s Day” and “the Fly” my all times thumb’s ups.

Vanilla Ice
There is no denying it, Vanilla ICE was a 1 hit wonder, but he did have a certain style about him that attributed to his success. He was very certain of himself and I think that that helped him out a lot with his determination to produce good high quality rap music. I have heard rumour that he may be a film star soon, if that happens, I might actually shell out the bucks to see him on the big screen, he’s as much a part of my past as I am of anyone else’s.

This summer I made the wise move of picking up Weezer’s Green album. It really has a lot going for it. A lot of their songs are about relationships and their affects, effects, and complications. They also sing about love, romance and escapism. These sorts of topics always draw crowds so I don’t really give them thumbs up for theme as much as I do for putting together a really tight package that is worth a good listening to. Rock out with “Hash Pipe” and then Mellow out with “Island in The Sun.” They are the perfect Yin/Yang combination.

“Owner of a lonely heart” is one of my favorite songs of all times. Yes is a band which bears further investigation into on my part. Having been born only recently I missed out on a lot of the prog rock scene in the 70’s, but I think that if I gave them a real chance I might really like their older stuff too. Who knows. 90125 would still be in my collection if it hadn’t been swiped. I’ll say nothing more. You know who you are,